going up: brogues

This will probably show my age, but I'm old enough to have lived thru one wave of brogues (or, oxfords). Actually, just between us girls, I never stopped wearing them. So I'm pleased as punch they're back, in every colour of the rainbow, with all kinds of variations.*

It's a bit like cupcakes: they've always been around, it's just right now, they seem to have captured our collective imagination. Why is that? Why is everyone saying 'oooh, brogues, I want a pair!' or 'I love your brogues'. Or rather, why aren't they going all gaga over flat ballet pumps? Does anyone remember spring of 2006 was it? Or 2007? We couldn't get enough of cute little ballet pumps. I still love them, but right now, it's lace ups for me.

I'll be posting shots of my trip with Jen - then again with Shini & Kit - to Kate Kanzier. Soon as I eventually upload the photos. What is WRONG with me? I'm such a lazy, lazy cow.

*(I'm not claiming that crazy heels, clogs, platforms, wedges, or especially, mad gorgeous colourful little booties aren't going to be huge this spring/summer. They will. We will love them more than ever, all these shoes, I promise you. We will lust after them and dream of wearing ankle boots with bare legs and little dresses. But what will we REALLY wear? Brogues. And then, flip flops. Mark my word!)


Marie said...

I agree- the oxford with a heel was huge this winter and brogues will be next. I for one am excited- except that I am tres short and need the heel.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

jill said...

Is that the difference, Marie? Oxfords have a heel? I've had a black pair from Barney's for over ten years - really simple, small heel - and wear them with everything.

I don't see anything wrong with being tres short btw ; )

Style Odyssey said...

Sometimes I feel I was born wearing flip-flops. Been wearing them daily (even if it's just to take the dog out) since 1998. It's the footwear of the tropics, of course! (And I'm rather tired of them, to be honest.)

Brogues! I love your pointed pair. I've actually never had them. I did have those oxfordy, two-toned cheerleader-type shoes (J, you know what I'm talking about, being close to my age, my friend!)

Anyway, I am coveting a pair of brogues.

Izzy said...

I remember when brogues first e in like 2 years ago and bought my first then (:

Rosalind said...

Jill, I really approve of your love of brogues! I adore them, and seem to have spent the last month or so living in that pair of white brogues that pop up on my blog all the time.. I also have a men's black pair, which are so perfect for dressing down floral skirts and other such items. I can;t wait for warmer weather so they can be worn with bare legs..
Likee the picture here, I am now coveting those brogues too!
Out of interest, what is your stance on loafers? I bought a brown pair yesterday from a charity shop,after suddenly deciding they would make a nice addition to my wardrobe!


the style crusader said...

jill: after a bit of research i have come to discover that:

brogues are meant to have a w-shaped wing tip at the toe? not sure if that is quite old-fashioned mens shoes inspired though. broguing refers to the punched pattern.

oxfords: don't have the punched detail and are traditionally more plain and have 'enclosed lacing' - whatever that means? but can have broguing detail... it's all quite confusing.

i would say your orange ones are brogues and your cream ones are oxfords... but i'm not sure how clear the distinction is.

either way I LOVE THEM and am totally on the brogue bandwagon, i think for life. xx

EML said...

this reminds me of the story of fashion dvd i watched yesterday night (for about the 1000st time).
karl lagerfeld puts it that way: in fashion its all about the right thing in the right moment.

jill said...

isn't this funny! we were just watching a bbc show on chocolate (harvesting in africa) & came here & saw this conversation. meanwhile, izzy (who commented here, check out her blog it's lovely!) was just talking about loafers, roz!

and jen almost bought a lovely pair: burgundy patent faux leather, with tassels. almost more like little ballet pumps, very ladylike.

i'm definitely going to be wearing my loafers: two old pair of j. tod's, one in plain black and one in navy patent with the penny loafer thing.

it's just funny how it's all connected: check out izzy's blog!


Cecylia said...

I love your pointy brogues!

sofiasophie said...

really really cute.....

Anonymous said...

I've had a LOVE LOVE LOVE relationship with brogues for the past 2 years. I wanted one so badly for the first year, got them in summer and have been wearing them since. And they are so worth it. I will wear them until they break, and then buy another one!


Leah said...

Hahaha! I know what you mean Jill. Sometimes, I can't help but smile when some say, I love your brogues. It's too ordinary for me as I've been wearing them for ages.

Have a great day! xoxo

The Photodiarist said...

I am still a ballet flat kind of girl. I have worn the black satin bow off my Lanvin navy flats . . .

You look great in Oxfords (I am American - I can't get into the use of the word "brogues" or "jumpers" for that matter), though.

San said...

I always liked brogues and oxfords. I've been looking for them since the end of the nineties. (I even bought a pair too small because it was the only one left. I gave it to my friend a month later.)
It's probably due to my love of old tap dance movies. Ahh, the classic b&w brogues... I even pondered buying dance shoes for men, just to get my hands on them. But I never got around to it.

Glad that they are available now. Well, at least in the UK. Germany is as always 2 years behind. (It has been so since the mid nineties and it drives me nuts.) Sniff. Good thing Schuh.co.uk delivers everywhere, as soon as I get my first salary, I'm going to sink it at Schuh for brogues and "irregular choice" shoes. I'm crazy about them.

Greetings from sunny Leipzig

Nat said...

hi jill! i'm a newcomer to the world of the brogue, just bought my first pair a couple of weeks ago! i always get nice comments about mine, which led me to blog about them last night!

love your blog, i think yours was the first i started to follow! i've just started my own if you want to have a look - paperdreamsandmagazines.blogspot.com

love nat x

the Citizen Rosebud said...

t'is the season of the brogues...i'm not sure what makes the tipping point spill over and turn a classic into a commodity, but it's happening. like with the leopard thing.

i do love the brogue, or oxford, and like you, am old enough to have weathered the first tsunami of them, and i LOVED them then and i'm loving them now. they are the new defacto flat, goodbye ballerina, farewell flip flop and hello, oxford/brogue whatever.

love it.

daisychain said...

I love these :) I'm ordering a pair of Kate Kanzier brogues as a birthday present from my parents, I wish the end of April would hurry up!

a reference said...

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