happy fish day

You'd think with all the Italian and French friends (not to mention boyfriends) I've had over the years, I'd have heard of this sooner, but I just read somewhere that in France and Italy, they celebrate April's Fool Day by sticking cutout fish shapes on each other. Curious, I checked wikipedia and sure enough: the word 'fool' somehow translates from 'fish'.. anyway, it's all here if you, too, are curious. It all goes back to 1508, an anonymous French poet, and an 'April fish'.

What does this have to do with this post? Well on like the one sunny day, I was sitting outside at Paul, a FRENCH bakery, near South Ken tube, on the phone with my friend Linda in NY. Next to me, a pretty girl was wearing: a denim jumper over white tee, black tights, and black patent pumps. She had the most adorable puppy that looked to be about two days old. A young girl came by, said 'Ooh! a Puppy!'.. which I snapped while Linda & I made plans.

Then.. I saw this lovely mother/daughter duo, Kaitlin and her mom, Karen, also in shades of blue and white. They both happened to have gorgeous blue eyes, which helps (you can just barely make out the girl with the puppy in the background).

It seems as soon as it becomes spring, everyone wants to wear blue. I had no interest in blue denim for ages, but our recent time in South Beach, Miami, gave me a taste for all things faded blue and white.

Which got me thinking about the word 'blue': it's such a happy colour, it's everyone's favourite, yet we use it when we're feeling down, when we're singing the blues, when a boy is frustrated.. (it just hit me: did you ever listen to the lyrics to Please Please Me? The Stones were meant to be the Bad Boys, the Beatles were so squeaky clean, but think again. I mean, 'I do all the pleasing with you, it's so hard to reason with you, ooh, ooh why do you make me feel so blue?'

Wouldn't you love to see a woman do a cover of this song? Lily Allen, perhaps? Couldn't you see her doing a kind of perky 'Smile' version?

Arrgggh! Every time I try to play the song on youtube, and embed it for you, Blogger crashes (I guess it's MY April Fish Day prank) but definitely try this trick at home.

(I'm throwing these blue Kate Kanzier oxfords into the mix, just because ; )

And STILL, some of you might be wondering what this has to do with fish, or for that matter, April Fool's Day. Well, I wanted to do a fish related post, but couldn't think off the top of my head of anything I've shot recently with a fish motif. And today I'm in a blue mood (as a COLOUR, not feeling blue). So I thought.. hmm... fish, water, some water is blue.. and there you are!

How's YOUR April Fool's Day going so far? Anyone stick a fish onto you?


Matthew Spade said...

i got fished. nar i didn't really. well the beatles are probably my fav band of all time and that's a great little ditty.

bit good those brogues, i'm doing my vintage stall tomorrow and i'm be donning a brogue for sure. purple socks this time(yes i plan ahead!)

jill said...

ah! mat, he of the orange socks! what colour brogues will you be wearing with the purple socks, mat? and is it a blue-y purple, or a reddish purple?

now i can't get that song out of my head. it IS a great little ditty!

daniela kate morosini said...

ahh, i'm italian but apparently once you're 16, you're too old to fish people! it happened a lot when i was littler
my heart skipped a beat when i saw those oxfords! and also the puppy...

the style crusader said...

no april fools tricks played on me today... and luckily no fishes stuck on to me either! i love the way you pull so many different things together into one idea. such gorgeous photos of these people at the cafe! oh... and i think i need 2 more pairs of KK shoes. i am totally addicted! xx

jill said...

oh, style crusader, wait til i tell you my hilarious mishaps with my 1st pair of kk brogues! might have to do a post on it, actually.

danniekate, so it's true!? and you actually call it 'to fish' people - as in a verb? so what's the phrase in italian? to pesce someone?

Style Odyssey said...

Oooo, those shoes!!! They make me smile!
I've never heard of the fish/April Fool's origins. Neat! And weirdly fun. :)

What a sweet puppy. As I type this, mine's giving me "that look" which means "take me out to chase coconuts, please!!!" (that time of day- she knows). So off I go to throw some around the parking lot!

Enjoy the long holiday Easter weekend! Or is it a long weekend there? Honestly, it's like every other week we have a holiday in the BVI- not only do we recognize the UK bank holidays, but we have a few local ones as well.


Pret a Porter P said...

What an adorable pup. I like its little cobalt leash too. No April Fish/Fool's prank. I figure these days, if you're going to do a prank it has to be really good.

sofiasophie said...

the puppy is funny, it is a mix between a cat & a dog?

These oxford shoes are ammmmmazing!

Anonymous said...

You've linked all these photographs really well! That puppy is adorable.

I did get April Fooled, but did pull a prank myself :)


Matthew Spade said...

a very bright purpley red, but worn them with brown desert boots. the usual

Anonymous said...

i' m in love with this shoes,and - thnx to you for show them to me - but i can't choose the size
if you wear it, you know how size go to fit?
(about me i can say i wear converse chuk 5.5, its russian 38)
sorry for my english