what a wonderful world

Do you ever have one of those days where you just love your life, love where you live, who you live with, love your work, love your new laptop (while thinking fond thoughts for your old one, tucked safely under your bed), love your cat, or your kids, parents, siblings, friends, and just think to yourself, what a wonderful world?

I'm having one of those days. Just came back from a swim - why has it taken me all these years to discover that the gym just after an early dinner is a GREAT time to use the pool? - and now am about to assemble some store bought pound cake (or 'Madeira cake to you Brits: God knows why you call it that, there is no Madeira in the ingredients) with Greek yogurt, English strawberries, and honey.

I love this collection, by Sarah Wadsworth of University Central Lancashire. I love every piece, this is just one. Can you see what the print is? The London Eye! Some of the prints, at the right angle, actually look 3D.

Oh! I just realised why that song is going thru my head: I think it was playing on the telly, when I got in. It was either on Spring Watch, or the football, as the Big Dot is switching between the two. Am I the only one who is not just a football widow, but a Spring Watch widow as well? Mr. D is totally addicted. And I've got my latest addiction: Big Brother! Sunshine has simply got to go. IMHO.

It is also so wonderful to have YouTube back without crashing! You haven't lived if you haven't seen Louis sing this song:


jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

i totally feel like that right now, i'm in a really good place at the moment :) what a wonderful post, jill. the print on this top really does look 3d, it's lovely! i've just joined twitter, help me! i'm so confused, haha. my twitter name is jazzabellediary. oh, and out of interest, how many photographs did you take yesterday? :)


styleeast said...

You know Jill, this post has done a better job than any of the usual things (chocolate, shopping!) of breaking me out of my post-Scotland depression. It IS a wonderful world, and London is a wonderful place, and sometimes we all just need a reminder of that, so thank you x

Ellie said...

Aw I know what you mean, I feel like I am totally contented at the moment- which is such a great feeling!

And YES! I am a springwatch widow too! The boy cannot get enough of Bill Oddie. Haha.

Lucy said...

I LOVED this collection too Jill! I thought it was such a fresh and original use of the imagery an dinspiration of London, it could have been used so wrongly but its so right! You must have had an amazing spot, your images are excellent!
I know what you mean too, I most often have those thoughts when im driving along through the countryside when the sun is at a beautiful low angle and everything looks lush! :)

Anonymous said...

It's WONDERFUL when you get moments like that. And I like it it doesn't happen all the time, because you get to really cherish it when it does.

Madeira cake + yoghurt + honey + strawberries = sounds like heaven! I actually had madeira cake on my desk for emergency snacking during revision.

Just noticed the London Eye print - love this design!



Your opening line made me smile, no...GRIN! I know exactly what that feeling is like, and its the most wonderful thing in the world.

Oh Jill I do love your blog so, you have such a refreshingly sunny disposition and a lovely, unique approach to everything. I would be eternally honoured if you ever caught me and snapped me for the blog ( it would be quite a case... I move fast!)


Arini Desianti Parawi said...
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