life imitating art

Maria, unaware she is being art, studies the brilliant Liu Wei sculpture at the excellent opening for the current Phillips du Pury contemporary auction. It's funny, Maria & I loved this sculpture, our men didn't get it. Perhaps they're not as used to seeing photos in magazine layouts of women with their heads and arms cut off.
Maria's dress is vintage, her ethical, vegetarian shoes, non-animal product leather platform beaded heels, by Stella McCartney. We've come a long way since Birkenstocks. For one thing, we can't walk as easily, but that's what taxis are for. And boyfriends with fast cars.


Noa said...

Love her shoes!!

> Hook The Look

Anonymous said...

oh my life! those shoes are actually beautiful, I can't believe they are ethical aswell! it's so hard to achieve great looking garments or accessories that are also eco products.

Stephanie Clayton said...

excellent post! that photo is perfection!

*Mademoiselle De La Mole said...

the dress is gorgeous... so lovely... and the shoes... amazing.
i absolutely love the photo.


Roz said...

Stunning dress!I love the laid back pattern of daisies on it..
And those shoes just reinforce my love of nearly everything Stella Mccartney designs (: Always so beautiful.
You really do manage to find the most stylish people!


Vik said...

hey :)
just letting you know i gave you a blog award on my blog and tagged you, check it out x
much love from Ireland