it's back!!

It's back!!!

The Jacket. The Topshop nude sequin motorcycle jacket is back. I saw it yesterday, in the flesh, @ the Topshop High Street Kensington branch (or is it Kensington High Street? Whatever). We had left the park and I just had to peek in, and there it was! I was talking about it last JUNE ('on friendship...') and I couldn't believe it's back. It's something like £85. I tried it on and of course it looks great. It would look great on anyone, how could it not? Totally different look on me than on Karla (altho, I'd definitely wear it with my skinny white jeans, too, as I wear them year round: winter white). I asked Kate, the manager, if I could shoot myself in it, and she said sure, as long as I didn't publish the shot, to which I stupidly asked, 'does a blog count?'

She almost caved, started coming around, saying 'well I can't physically stop you..' but I didn't want her to get in trouble, she was so nice. I told her about Karla and how there's been this kind of jacket envy conversation going round, over this jacket (which had sold out) and - get this - she was really excited and said 'Karla's Closet!' The manager of the London High Street Kensington Topshop knows about Karla and her closet! Funny old world.

I know how I'd wear this jacket (there's a million different ways I'd wear this jacket, actually). I'd wear it over my vintage non-designer pale pink nude sleeveless Jackie O dress (one that I DIDN'T have made), with Jun's hand-made white tights with black Chinese writing, and any heels. Or maybe my Topshop harlequin black suede pom pom ballet pumps. Or even little booties, if and when I get the perfect pair, which I actually also saw at Topshop... little soft black leather flats with a lot of gold detailing.. I can't find them online, but they're kind of a cross between this and this. But my little black bootie obsession is another story, for another day and another post.

There's also a great white sequin jacket which is more my style: I can't show you the photo for some reason, but click here to see it. I love it, but I also really really love The Jacket.

So: if you had The Jacket, how would YOU wear it?


Pearl Westwood said...

My question is Jill, how did you leave the shop without one? x

StyleSpy said...

I think you should buy it and wear it every day for a month and then get sick of it and then send it to me. I'm just sayin'...

I'd wear it with high-waisted,, wide-legged black Kate Hepburn trousers and a cream-colored silk charmeuse blouse with a ruffled jabot. Among many, many other things.

dot said...

: )

Pearl, to answer your question: my husband, Mr. Dot, was with me at the time. In fact he left for a few minutes to buy bread, & I considered buying it, giving the bag back and seeing if I could roll it up into my handbag (which is always pretty large - often a cloth sack) but I did a quick mental calculation of the time it would take him to walk to PainQuatadien, pay for the bread, and walk back, and it wasn't worth the risk.

Besides, I didn't have enough cash, and there was the chance he'd see out account online and see the Topshop bill. Not to mention, I'd never be able to wear it around him. Far too risky.

I am planning on buying it, I just have to find a way to... influence Mr. Dot. Our marriage is a bit like Lucy and Ricky's. It's so unfair, I'm so not a shopaholic, and when I was being Carrie in S&tC, I was perfectly capable of choosing what to buy.. but then again, I was going out more @ night, and single girls of course have to dress more stylishly, to attract Mr. Big.

Why doesn't Mother warn us that this is the downside of marriage? I'm guessing it was hard enough for her to let some guy put a ring on my finger, she didn't want to deter me.

Amy: I love that version. And I've got just the right dark navy crepe KH trousers, too! That's it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Will keep you posted.

Pearl Westwood said...

Ah Mr Dot! I did think there must have been a reason! I like how well you thought out the sneeky shopping possibility LOL, dont worry I am sure it will be yours one day soon. I have this problem mostly when taking a detour en route to work, huge carrier bags tend to give you away that you were late due to dentist, roadworks... Vivienne Westwood sale x

Dream Sequins said...

Oh dolly-- I know what you mean about good deals and husbands. They don't necessarily understand good value in the clothing department. Sometimes I stash away my buys and debut them when I know he'll be in a good mood. Awful, right?

That jacket is beautiful. If you have a chance to buy, BUY.

Anonymous said...

I actually have this jacket! I'm in Singapore so I can't wear it yet (it is too warm for jackets here) but I'm moving to Tokyo in a month or so and it will be just right for autumn there. I've tried it with a bazillion things so far, the best has been very simple white T and very dark jeans - let the jacket make the statement!

modediktat said...

Wow, I've been away for a couple of days - and missed soooo much....
I had ordered this jacket - I felt in love with it immediately. I've noticed that it appeared on Topshop website again. When it has arrived I was so disappointed. A lot of sequins were falling out of the package, a lot of seuins were broken from transportation. It was quite sad - but I've decided to return it.
I would have worn it to a lot of grey + beige items!

Anonymous said...

Hey!! I've just bought this jacket! Any ideas on how to wear it will be greatly received!! :) x


dot said...

Hey Sam! Just got one, too, and just came in from wearing it. Will do a post very soon on what I wore it with today (my old white skinny Gap jeans that I wear year round - they're my equivilant of blue jeans - and a pale pink long sleeved tee shirt, and pink ballet flats, having switched to vintage Prada brown leather t-strap heels only for a business meeting - I can't walk in heels : )

Do you have a blog? Would love to see how YOU wear The Jacket. Please email me jpgs @ jill@haybooks.com thank you! x