the baths

Just back from a blissful week sailing in the British Virgin Islands. The look hasn't changed: the locals on land still sporting dreadlocks & the whole Jimmy Cliff vibe, and on the boats it's still basically topless bikini bottoms for the girls (& sadly, some of the men), faded white Brooks Brothers men's shirts to tie on when you're getting burned. No footwear - too cumbersome for getting in & out of the dinghy. Women are still covering their hips & thighs with pareos to hide the figure flaws, but it's basically swimsuits & sunshine, as usual. No complaints!

Here is my husband, Mr. Dot, posing (as usual), at The Baths - a fabulous area of giant, smooth rocks & beautiful beaches - in the British Virgin Islands. Note how well his hat matches his trousers. I can't stand those sandals, however - but he likes them, and as long as he's happy, I'm happy. He wears the pants in this family.

tortola style

Dotted a sweet girl from Belgium, Gwenaelle, at the cafe near the airport on Tortola before we all transferred to Antigua for our flights home. Gwenaelle's got just the right look for a day of tropical travelling: straw hat to keep the sun off, light white layers - and one last chance to go barefoot.


english rose

Dotted Wendy Rose, a jazz singer & photographer, near St. Martin's Lane. She was such a good sport, warm & friendly, & posed so naturally, of course: she's been on both sides of the lens. She was almost luminescent, and so serene. It was only after I got the film developed that I realised she's got three patterns going.. four if you count the head scarf. 

one for the tipper

My friend Amy Tipper, style icon and editor of fab new Anglomania Magazine (see 'nice things'), strikes a pose near the office. We love her jacket & 70s sunglasses!


ukranian mystery space boots

Saw a girl with great style, smoking a cigarette. I was about to give her my card but her bus pulled at that moment. As she quickly stamped it out, I had just enough time to snap her boots, which she said were from the Ukraine (sounds like she was, too) and then, in a flash, she was gone.


pop up shop

Tracey Neuls set up a fabulous temporary 'pop up shop' for London Fashion Week right next door to the new Brindisi Cafe in South Ken. It was more like an installation than a shop.
But her permanent (or, as permanent as things are in this crazy world) shop is in Marylebone (check out her website, under 'nice things'). 


tips 4 girls

Today's tip: Fur is fab with flowers. And until we can go for the bare legs with boots thing, black tights and white plimsoles/sneakers (a big look this spring) or, in this case, moccasins, will do the trick.

cutting the mustard

Top: Borough Market. A sophisticated study in shades of mustard. Yum.

Below: note the matching yellow socks, on High Street Ken, and, on left, expect to see a lot of this season's brogues: great with black tights but later, they'll look great with socks & flirty dresses & bare legs. An elegant & practical alternative to fierce shoes.

bright bond girl

Here is a good example of throwing brights together with neutrals - in this case, the sudden shock of a blue we haven't seen for years, as tights, against charcoal shorts, and a big red leather bag. Expect to see more of these unlikely colour pairings come spring.

a hint of pink

Top: Perfect transition into spring: the oversized grey beret that's been such an unexpected hit during the freak snow, those great suede tassel fringed boots that you can only wear on a dry, sunny day, and the red bag and pink ruffle skirt as a hint of warmer days to come.
Below: The use of bright colour as accent is more sophisticated this season. Brights are brighter when played against more neutral colours like navy, black, grey, brown, or tan. The textures of brown tweed with that gorgeous russet fur collar, hat, and hair, are unusual but somehow work with black tights and shiny red boots and bag.


let it snow!

For one day, and one day only, women everywhere in the nation's capital had the chance to finally put on their cold weather gear!

My friend Lucy, on Pont Street:

Posing, near Pont Street (Walton, actually):

And what every well dressed London gentleman will be wearing this winter:

and snow...

And of course the snow was a fabulous opportunity to justify wearing our most inspired Wellies in town!

As well, of course, as other fabulous footwear looks, both elegant:

And practical & fun:

and snow...