the baths

Just back from a blissful week sailing in the British Virgin Islands. The look hasn't changed: the locals on land still sporting dreadlocks & the whole Jimmy Cliff vibe, and on the boats it's still basically topless bikini bottoms for the girls (& sadly, some of the men), faded white Brooks Brothers men's shirts to tie on when you're getting burned. No footwear - too cumbersome for getting in & out of the dinghy. Women are still covering their hips & thighs with pareos to hide the figure flaws, but it's basically swimsuits & sunshine, as usual. No complaints!

Here is my husband, Mr. Dot, posing (as usual), at The Baths - a fabulous area of giant, smooth rocks & beautiful beaches - in the British Virgin Islands. Note how well his hat matches his trousers. I can't stand those sandals, however - but he likes them, and as long as he's happy, I'm happy. He wears the pants in this family.

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