fringe benefits

It seems everyone starts off saying 'I don't normally like fringe, but..' and it's true: this is one trend that just gets under a girl's skin. I don't know why. At first I didn't like it in general - like quiche, it's got such a bad rep, man (there's just too many bad examples that have been orphaned to charity shops, unloved and unwanted, from the 70s) but there are now so many brilliant variations. What I love is, it can be anywhere: on a bag, jacket, skirt, or here, on my beautiful friend Charlotte's fabulous sandals.

I also love her oversized ring, (another trend that I just love to bits), and how it looks with the scarf she was wearing that day. (I've only now realised, the pattern is actually skulls! How cool). My one shot got cut off in an interesting, fringey way, so I'm keeping it for your benefit. Another happy accident!

p.s. (Friday) update: got these sourcing details from Charlotte: 'The sandals were Matiko from Intermix in NY, Ring was designed by jewellery designer Kara and from Scoop in NY and scarf was Alexander McQueen (they have a great copy in Topshop in cream and black right now saw it yesterday)....hope that helps!'

It does. Thanks, C! x

street stalker

This is taking street style photography into a new realm for me.. it's more like street stalking.

How scary am I: literally laid in wait outside Mango for this stunning woman to emerge (she's got a great back but looked fabulous from the front, too). If I were a man, they'd have arrested me by now. By the way, I'm seeing Panama hats everywhere this summer. The best ones, at a good price AND ethically sourced, can be found at Pachacuti.


giving them the slip

Some guy was screaming something in a bullhorn on Oxford Street, and these girls were trying to figure out what he was screaming. I like the eyelet lace slip like skirt.

When I saw this girl wearing a whole slip, I didn't feel as odd wearing a slip as a skirt (with a pink top). Actually: no one noticed in the least. At what point did wearing underwear as outerwear become normal? Or is it just, this is England and everyone assumes you're just eccentric?

do not sit on kangaroo

I've been whining, (or rather whinging as they'd say here), that it's not really summer, everyone's wearing black, it's too cold to swim outside, blah blah blah, and now, it's like the God of my Understanding is playing some kind of cosmic joke on me because trying to meet my friend Amanda for lunch in Soho was like swimming in treacle. Yuk. The Tube was a nightmare, so I tried walking down to Green Park (and ultimately, an ice cold air conditioned double-decker bus: sheer heaven!)

Along the way, went a bit nuts with my little digital Pentax, the unruly puppy with a mind of its own. I can't choose what it focuses on, there's a delay so I can't click the shutter when I want to, but every now it does something that makes me smile. Just like a good unruly puppy should. And it doesn't pee on the furniture.

I followed this girl, walking blithely down the street. She was the only one on the street looking cool as a cucumber, an apparition in white, unnoticed by anyone but me, carrying an open box as if she were a waiter with a steaming souffle on a tray. It seems she was posting a letter, but that still doesn't explain the open box.

There are six million stories in the naked city, and these are just three of them.

portrait of an artist as young woman

Met Sophie, an artist, in the Tate Britain.

I'm so sorry it's blurry - Sophie was keeping very very still, bless her cotton socks (and I think they are cotton), because it was very dark and I shoot in film.. anyway, just as I got a few shots in, a very matronly guard called out 'NO PHOTOS IN THE MUSEUM'. I could hardly explain I wasn't exactly shooting their art..

anyway, I love the whole underwear as outerwear trend, and I wish you could see how fabulous this looked, she had a kind of lacey white bustier open under her school uniform jacket. Brilliant! (I've just seen that again - a school jacket over a very ethereal dress - at the Phillips show this weekend, hope those shots come out!). And Karla's wearing a bustier over a shirt. So now I'm out the door in a hot pink boat neck tee over a slip. Will see if I can get a friend to shoot me.

My man, Mr. Dot, outside the museum.


girl in the cafe

Kathi, at my favourite Cafe Nero, Fulham Road, London
(Shot from the street - they open the doors on nice days - and this was a cool yet lovely day, having a coffee with my friend Charlotte). Close up on Kathi's hands, below.


uki, uki

Uki, outside the cinema, Fulham Road, London


all white all weddy

I've been wondering when women in London would start wearing white. It's been black black black (& some grey) for so long, that I was starting to think we'd never see it, but sure enough, earlier this week when the sun came out, so did the whites! It was reassuring, somehow: like the first snowdrops appearing in early spring. Better late than never, white?

Altho I don't yet have any good London white shots, here are some from my visit home (to Florida) at Easter. First up: I spotted Barratt, above, on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, with her husband and young kids. Really nice family.

I met this delightful Norwegian mother-in-law and daughter duo - yes, you read it right! - getting along swimmingly, on my way to the beach. I then ran into them later on, shopping a few steps away on Worth Avenue, and I've got the shot somewhere, just can't find it at the moment.

Another postcard from Palm Beach, to inspire you (& me!) for that sunny blue&white palate.

And for some accessory inspiration, the only designer bags I'm saving up for are by DOKKIM, who doesn't have a website, just a shop on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, and another in I think Nantucket. So I can't even link you to a site, but their number is 561 833 3839.

I haven't stopped thinking about his bags (the designer's name is Dok Kim, from Korea). They're so well constructed. I'm not usually like that about hangbags: I mostly wear cloth things from Accessorize, or hand made by my English mother-in-law from old curtains and curtain pulls. Seriously.

Of course, none of this white stuff applies for today: it's grey again, so I'm sure everyone out there is back to black. But tomorrow, the sun may shine again, and when it does, I'm ready with my whites. (Sorry about the title, by the way: I'm playing Dylan right now, and really tempted to do 'It's all white mom, I'm only sleeping' but I'm afraid the reference will be lost on most people, and besides, my mom reads my blog, bless her cotton socks, and I'm such a lazy old cow, she'll believe it's true! (Hi Mom! : )



Okay, first of all: I shoot in film, and my local supplier - a large supermarket chain - has run out of print film, and doesn't know when it will be back in. The photo department's shelves are as bare as a Moscow supermarket before Peristroika. (I've been begging management for more supplies, but it might be a cold summer, indeed). So I shot all this with my little digital Pentax that has a mind of its own, focusing on anything that catches its eye, like an unruly puppy.

That said: meet Stephanie, who, lucky girl, works at the Brompton Cross Chanel shop in Knightsbridge. Stephanie was on her lunch break when I spotted her. I love her Dolce Vita hair and make-up, paired with the professional clean lines of her skirt, top and shoes (all, I'm sure, Chanel). She was not, I repeat not, smoking a cigarette, and I defy anyone to find evidence of it in these shots!

It always makes me sad when they start showing winter clothes in June. I can understand it, but still. And I'm not a red girl, not at all, never never never, but I do appreciate it on others, and have seen some great looks (like Rania's friend, the other day). Talk about 'classic with a twist', that red suit is stunning. Less so, in my humble opinion, the all red cape like ensemble with the classic white quilt bag. Just doesn't do it for me.

But I do love this Russian Constructivist window display! (And speaking of Reds, has anyone seen the Warren Beatty/Diane Keaton film of the same name, from when their relationship was ending? Saw it again recently, man is it a fabulous film).

I also love how style filters up from the street. Here's a stall I spotted in Spitalfield market, back in March.

my first fabulous handmade sleek geek tights

I am so excited: my blog-friend Jun, the SleekGeek in Hong Kong, has just finished my first pair of handmade SleekGeek tights!! They're just what I pictured. She's written Mr. Dot's and my names in.. is it Cantonese, Jun? Or Mandarin? It all looks Greek to me - and gorgeous!
Next up, I want them in white leggings. Perhaps this time with a phrase. Hmm. Gotta think about it.

Can't wait to try them with a dark navy silk Jackie O dress with slightly Chinese details on the neck that I designed & had made a few years ago, and black heels with big bows. Or, perhaps my favourite black Topshop ballet flats with the Poirrot pompoms.. the possibilities are endless. Thrilled to bits. Thank you, Jun!!!!


the end of my harem rant

Finally! I've been ranting about harem pants since April, and again in May. There are always trends that, judging by the spin, you'd expect to see on EVERYONE in the coming season (and never do) and this year I just KNEW it would be harem pants. I've been scouring the streets for a good example, so when I finally saw Rania on Marylebone High Street, I was so excited I ran up to her but forgot I had just stuffed a Paul's pastry in my mouth. So she basically had a total stranger come up to her, grab her arm, grunting and chewing and gesticulating to her legs.

She patiently waited for me to swallow & explain my situation. She was with her friend and genuinely couldn't understand why I'd want to shoot her that day, as she hadn't really dressed up, but was a good sport about it. She laughed and said I was going to post it saying 'what not to wear' but I promise: I'm over the rant. That's all it takes for me: one good look. (Actually, a 2nd: on gorgeous Jane, of seaofshoes, in Tokyo on 21st June). It doesn't mean I'm gonna run out and buy them, but I'm over it now. This was shot only a week or so ago, by the way, on a cool rainy Sunday, to give you an idea what wacky weather we're having here in London.


aquarius, still dawning

Sun's out today! Which has got me more in a hippie/festival style mood, so here's another shot from the Hay Festival, in a casual dissonant combo of brown, orange, and hot pink. Let the summer of love begin! Let the sunshine in!

heel, jackson

Trying to stick to my promise and wear heels all week, but I'm walking my friends Bronwyn & Michal's wonderful dog, Jackson, in Hyde Park in a few minutes, so for that I'll make an exception (I actually shot this last week in the park, last week). This is part of my latest colour mood theme (see previous post, the look i'm going for). I'm hoping that by wearing these colours relentlessly we will book a trip there soon - I'm having serious holiday envy.

Altho: that said, people would pay good money to go on holiday in London and walk a lovely dog through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, which is just a hop skip & a jump from home. (It's funny to think that wherever in the world we are, someone is longing to go there for holiday). So I'm feeling like one very lucky girl today, and I hope you are, too!

Where in the world are you right now? Where would you like to be?

models are people, too

Okay, what are the odds of this: I met & shot Helene, a Dutch model, on New Bond Street, did a whole bunch of other things, London was having a tube strike, there were no taxis, I was near the Ritz, and who do I see but Helene, waiting for a bus. Like a mere mortal!

happy accident

Just came across this out take from my post the other day (rt. hons etc) & felt like putting it up. (I usually shoot two shots & hope for the best - but this time I shot three). It happened in the camera - I think I re-wound too tightly - but it's just one of life's happy accidents.

Hope all your accidents today are happy ones!


@ jaks

After having coffee with my friends Isabel and Lynn at Jaks, on Walton Street, I decided to stay for another, when the owner of these shoes walked in. She was a true original: probably older than her energy made her seem, self possessed and stylish, from her wild streaks to the tips of her toes. I was just changing a roll of film and only barely got this shot on my little digital camera when she was out the door, so I can't even tell you where on earth those shoes are from. Anyone out there have a clue? I know I've seen them somewhere...

the look i'm going for (flip flop girl)

It's probably brought on by this cool summer weather, and it's probably homesickness, and a longing to have some real summer with real swimming in real sea, but I'm finding that if I can't be at my parents' summer home on the North Fork of Long Island (that's Mr. Dot fishing, below), then what I want to do is wear old, soft, familiar clothes, like the outfit I wore today in Brompton Cross/Knightsbridge (above). It's as if, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, if I wear the Ruby Slippers, I'll somehow get home.

This dress belonged to an old friend & she let me borrow it. I wore it all summer, years ago, and always felt great in it. I eventually gave it back to her.. anyway, one day, years later, she gave me a gift wrapped in tissue paper with a slim satin ribbon: The Dress. I love it, but both my mother and my husband hate it (Sorry honey! Sorry mom!)

My niece Scarlett, however, loves the dress and doesn't understand why 'Grandma' hates it. She thinks it makes me look like a ballerina. (She said this last year: she was 6 at the time). I said: I know! That's the look I'm going for!

On a separate note: I'm daring myself to wear heels every day this week. On the street. In broad daylight. It is a very odd feeling, as I'm normally a ballet flats, boots, or flip flop girl.

faded hazy lazy country state of mind

It's Monday in London Town, and - big surprise - it's overcast and grey. We were Whitstable this weekend which was fabulous, the light was gorgeous there, just the kind of faded palette I'm loving this summer, and I'm still in a kind of faded hazy lazy country state of mind. I'm going thru recent shots to find a colour scheme and look to match my mood, and came up with this great girl (who actually lives in London, and is pretty cool) who I met in Hay-on-Wye on the Welsh border, during the festival. I can't find my notes! I forgot her name! And can't send her an email! So, mystery polka dot girl, I hope you find this virtual message in a bottle.

I didn't realise til after I got the film developed that I had already shot her, earlier, on the grounds. A double polka dot sighting.


right hons of york

We've got our wonderful yoga class with Arup soon and the big D said I can't go til I post. I spotted these two lovely friends, Kate & Laura @ the Duke of York Plaza off the King's Road, and I wanted a snappy title like the 'Duchesses of York' but he said that would be the Duke's wife. 'So what's his daughters then?' 'Rt. Hons. R, T, H-O-N-S. Leaving in two minutes, Jill.'

No idea where they got anything they're wearing, but Laura's bag looks like a Right Honorable Chanel. And Kate's boots are those fabulous flowered Duke of Martins.

bearing witness

Don't worry, I'm not going all political on you - but I am finding I'm holding my own personal virtual vigil by posting more shots from Wednesday, (see 'Where is her vote' and others from this past week). It's not easy, looking stylish in kelly green and black, but this photographer manages to look cool while bearing witness. To think that while I'm doing this, protesters are still fighting for freedom in Tehran. We're with them in spirit.


self portrait of other women (everything is connected)

I was on my way to meet Mr. D @ Bluebird Cafe when I saw this girl ahead of me. She reminded me of me, especially her movements, i.e. brisk, almost skipping. I sprinted after her down the King's Rd. She gave me quite a chase, too, but I finally caught up with her just a few steps from Bluebird. And now I"ve forgot her name! Astrid perhaps? It was a name I'd want for myself, so I hope she finds this and gets in touch. It was like a self portrait, but of someone else. And we've got the same sunglasses, and similar hair.I love how it's a simple summer blue seersucker dress, accessorised with the thin belt, and then worn as a jumper over a white long sleeved tee. She really stood out from the uniform of black leggings (like me).

Speaking of which, here's one of me (above) in the outfit I wore to the protest at the Iranian Embassy, and another photo of one of the lovely women there (below). All of these women were happy for me to shoot them, because this is so important, and yet most covered their face, not out of vanity or for religious reasons, but to protect their anonymity. The symbolism is quite moving to me: It's that serious. And yet, there was an element of joy: their spirits will not be broken. They will not give up.

Wishing a good weekend to all you wonderful men, and especially, women, all around the world.