royal wave

My friend Christine, who it turns out was also, with her fiance, among the crowd at Buckingham Palace yesterday, said "It was an INCREDIBLE experience....this entire thing. One of the best experiences I've had in London to date." I did go, it turns out, with the Big Dot: he's such a mercurial creature, after denouncing the whole thing as being for girls, he couldn't resist the urge - since we live in South Ken - to go walkabout.

I have so many more images to share but yesterday I did such a blitz that if you're here for the first time, you've got about a dozen to catch up on. These are mostly from the Bond Street window of Louis Vuitton. These dolls actually WAVE - they're all on batteries - it's hilarious. Check it out and when you do, walk a few feet up the road and check out the Smythson 'Royal Memorabilia' exhibit in the shop. It's inspiring.

Woke this morning and got this sense - I can't prove it, mind you, it's just a feeling - that Kate and Will woke as man and wife, probably not nearly as hungover as the hoards of masses celebrating, looked at each other and said 'well that went well, let's go swimming.'

Or at least, that's what we're up to today. How about you? What's on YOUR royal schedule?



NOW my husband decides to embrace the Wedding spirit: we're off to Hyde Park, with camera. In fact by the time you see this, we'll already be gone.

This is a PAPER wedding dress, created by Zoe Ross for the Smythson 'Royal Memorabilia' exhibition, especially commissioned by Janice Blackburn (read all about it here). It's still on til 3rd May - at the Bond Street flagshop store so if you happen to be in town, definitely check it out. I met Jessica de Lotz yesterday and have a post in progress, coming up - her work is amazing: commissioned one of a kind brilliant jewelry.

Still so moved by how beautiful this all is: oh and the sun came out! xox


The bells are still pealing, we haven't yet had the balcony scene, but where we sat - in walking distance of Westminster Abbey - the sun came out as they exchanged their vows.

At the moment that Catherine first emerged, with her father, from the Goring hotel, and I had the first glimpse of Sarah Burton's beautiful, Grace Kelly-esque dress, altho I didn't at ALL used to be a wedding kind of woman, I surprised myself by bursting into tears.

At which point, my husband, Mr. Dot, started laughing. At me. 'I'm the wrong sex for this', said he, and went off to the gym. But before he left, he decided that he needed to bring the toe nail clippers into the living room, and cut his toe nails next to the television. My Prince Charming.

kate: the dress

Not The Dress: as I type this, Paula Reed of Grazia is talking live about the dress, but that one, we still don't know (but I kind of hope the hooded shot means it's Sarah Burton for McQueen) but THAT dress: the one where Kate caught the Prince's eye.

We happened, yesterday, right in front of Buckingham Palace, to see the designer, Charlotte Todd, talking on camera about the new line she has designed. When asked what she'd like to see Kate walk down the aisle in, she laughed and said 'well, obviously, I'd like it to be knit.'

I feel that at times too much is made about 'the dress', but I love the Cinderella aspect of their love story: that instead of a clear glass slipper it was a see thru dress. Great story to tell the grandchildren.

royal couples

More scenes from the Mall yesterday.

Watching BBC, TV, with a nice cup of P.G. Tips, and the cat. So glad I married my British prince, otherwise, let's face it, I wouldn't be sitting here now. The crowd looks so happy on TV: it was cold last night, but no one looks the worse for wear.

The sky's dark - good for photography, the colour pops - but fingers crossed it won't rain.

pleasant dreams, princesses

It just hit me what it is about this, of all weddings: there is something deep in our psyche's: everyone, somewhere along the way, once had a dream, or a belief, that we were, or could be, a prince, or a princess.

These young women were camped out at the Mall today, and will be sleeping there tonight. The thing was, they didn't know this young girl: she was handed from the crowd, by her parents, and sat with these strangers, for this one quick moment. For the photos: that magic, frozen moment in time.

Can you imagine: in the centre of one of the largest cities in the world, parents handed their child to total strangers. That was the mood today. Ebullient, my friend Adrienne called it.

Okay, I'll shut up now: pleasant dreams, princesses.



While Adrian and I were walking about the crowd on the Mall, having all these wonderful conversations and encounters with people, this woman - Erica Hughes, from Yorkshire - especially captured my heart. She had found a prime front row spot, along with her husband (who had gone for a walk when I met her), and tonight, they will be sleeping there, as they did thirty years ago, with their children.

Delightful, delightful lady, and I hope she and her husband warm and rested and comfortable tonight in their sleeping bag on the hard ground and tomorrow, when I watch it on TV, I will be with her, in spirit.

more scenes from the mall: orange you glad

This is such fun.. going thru the shots I took today - went walking through the crowd with Adrian, my friend of SnappyLifeStyle, while the BBC is on. They're saying the Queen and Prince Philip have just left a dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. That's where I had the most wonderful time a year or two back, when my brother was recording here and my niece was staying there and the two of us were being 'fairy princesses' in their suite in one of the towers.. oh and to think that Kate and her family are in the same hotel that my husband has meetings with his business partner in.. everything feels so connected, so warm and friendly.

The sweet couple in orange are from Amsterdam. The other shots.. there's a story. I'll tell you tomorrow. (Hint: it has to do with Kate's dress. No, not THAT dress. The other one. The one that started the fairy tale ball rolling).

royal family: wave

'It's like the FA cup final, except everyone's on the same side.' - BBC News, 22:03, 28.04.11

scenes from the mall

What a glorious day! Walking among the most wonderful human beings, from.. everywhere. And to think, tucked up at home, all cosy and warm, drinking tea and uploading photos and trying to decide which to post first: the people I met and shot today, are camping out.

All to celebrate the love of two people they haven't met. But we're really celebrating life, and love. And I don't care how corny that sounds. What's that line about anyone who is tired of London.. ah, here it is:

"Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
— Samuel Johnson

Well that's how I've come to feel about the Royal Wedding: if you're too cool to embrace this one, folks, well I just don't know WHAT to say. And I just heard: unprompted, Princes William and Harry went walking among the crowd tonight.


all that glitters is not lame

Funny old world.. Sabine (Psynopsis), my lovely friend, commented recently that she's 'a little afraid of yellow' and I know what she means: that hard, fully saturated yellow is one of the most difficult colours, mainly because it's almost impossible to go head to toe without anything black, and if you do, you're veering dangerously close to bumblebee territory. Or NY taxicab.

But pale, lemon yellow.. and gold.. ooh la la!

And it's uncanny, how.. visionary Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of Cosmetics for Chanel, is with capturing our collective imagination. It's like a chicken/egg thing: I honestly don't know if I'm in the mood for a certain colour because Monsieur Philips decided six or eight months ago that I would, or if he is able to instinctively tap into our dream state - where I believe all creativity is born, like some kind of Eden-like pool - and just know that right now, what we want to wear, with all our white and shades of cream, is pale yellow, and nails tipped as if with molten gold.

Actually you can see how truly charming he is in a video on Nowness: Beautiful Dreamer.

I had a bottle of gold nail polish just like this, and I"ve looked in my nail polish shoe box and can't find it. Rather than get on the Chanel waiting list, I'll just keep my eye out for someone else's version. Probably, no doubt, a pale imitation, but still.

From top: someone at the Converse party, in lemon midi pleated skirt and sneakers; Stephen Jones' creation as part of the Smythson tribute on display at the Bond Street flagshop store (see previous post: Smitten with Smythson), and, above, just a sneak preview of Jessica de Lotz's work, also part of the Smythson series. We have an absolutely darling mutual friend, Gwyneth Harrison, and if all goes according to plan, I'll meet Jessica at Smythson's tomorrow and she can tell me more about her work, which is mainly jewelry, but really unique, quirky, creative, charming. Actually.. if you'll be in the neighbourhood, pop on down to the Bond Street shop from 5:00 PM (they're open late tomorrow), see the collection and meet her yourself!


polka dot's guide to being the perfect princess

Even back in January or February, when I was swimming in a pool in Palm Beach County, Florida, someone, when he realised we lived in London, asked if I was going to the wedding. My automatic response, of course, was 'which wedding' (assuming he thought I was someone else and he was talking about, you know, a relative I was not related to).

Growing up on Long Island, I can't tell you how many times one of my friends would say about another, behind her back 'she's such a princess' (and, I have no idea how many times it was said about me).

In light of the fact that my American friends are all now asking me wedding questions (and none of my British friends are) - and I just realised, two of my friends - sisters - are actual, bona fide princesses, and are probably actually going to That wedding - I've decided to provide for you my own Polka Dot Guide to being the Perfect Princess. The reason being, my Australian friend, while drinking Long Island Iced Tea from bone china gold rimmed tea cups, swore blind that one of the waiters from that event was the same waiter who was 'giving me the eye' at the Juicy event. Comparing photos now, I'm pretty sure they're different.

Rule Number One:
Mind your manners. Not just superficial please and thank you: respect other people's time. Don't keep people waiting, and if, for example, your coach is stuck in traffic, have a footman deliver an apology note. Failing that, call, or at last resort, text.

Rule Number Two:
Send Thank You notes. If someone does you a kindness, return that kindness.

Three: Behave, at all times, with Dignity. At least, in public. And if you can't, for Goodness Sake, don't tweet pic or post the evidence on facebook. Remember: discetion is a Potential Princesses Best Friend.

Four: CHOOSE YOUR PRINCE WISELY. It's all well and good, those stories about kissing frogs, but let's face it: they're not called Fairy Tales for nothing. Once a toad, always a toad, as mother would say. Not to mention, toads are.. slimey.

Five: Once you've set your sights on your Prince, you've got to catch - and keep - his attention. A see thru dress is a nice modern day equivalent of a glass slipper, but either way, make sure you're toned, and/or have had a pedicure on the day.

Six: Princesses can not afford a bad hair day: invest in some good shampoo. And remember the three rules: condition, condition, condition.

Seven: Just be forewarned: there are bound to be bumps in the road on the way to the altar. When he needs his space, do your own thing. Preferably with a cute young man.

Rule Number Eight: Provided you have done all the above successfully, and have snagged your prince, you're bound to have also attracted a few metaphorical Ugly Stepsisters along the way. It's gonna hurt, but try to take their envy as a compliment, and rise above it. Remember: living well is the best revenge.

Photos by me, from the Juicy Couture Press Day (see 'Juicy Couturier' for the story - it's Sir Norman Hartnell's original suite) and also at - conversely - the recent Converse Press Day, apart from the shots OF me, which were taken at our friends' wedding, years ago, Somewhere in Connecticut.


we are all stars

I've seen this girl around - fashion week, press days - and meant to ask to shoot her, at the Converse party, but we were all having such fun I didn't get around to it. She's always got the trends spot on: just the simplicity of bright green trousers, seemingly carelessly cuffed, slouchy white tee, but that great jacket channelling Chanel (perhaps it is).* Red lips, nails.. effortlessly chic.

*(Actually, it's not. It looks like IRO - on sale @ Net-a-Porter - so big thank you to Fi @FashionMusicEquals for figuring that one out - and she's got a great blog).

The Converse All Stars (in aqua) were part of the installation/exhibit, which is hard to describe: HQ is so vast, they did such a brilliant job with it, like being at the Tate Modern. I'll have to show you in segments. And last but not least: a cool green notebook- pretty much exactly the colour of the girl's trousers in real life - from Smythson, in jade, the day I let the lights dictate (previous post).

It's been THE most glorious unexpectedly brilliant weekend: swam every single day, got tan (well, I did: He got burnt), saw friends, had fun, and we didn't have to go thru security, show a passport, pay someone to feed the cat, or give up our water bottles. I'm all for staycations if they can be like this one. Happy Easter everyone. Hope all's lovely where you are. Oh and speaking of stars, Tina Fey kills me. Her last answer for the Vanity Fair Proust Questionaire (your motto): 'Stop reaching for the stars!'

smitten with smythson's: loving cup

As I'm editing these photos, I'm playing the Jack White/Stones duet 'Loving Cup' on youtube. I wish I could embed it for you but if you could open a window and click here, please do. It's just so so cool.

When I first met my (English) husband in NY, back when some of you were just a twinkling in your daddy's eye, we were walking together and reached a corner. The light was green one way, red to another, so we kept walking, the green way. 'Let the lights dictate, my friend Nick always says,' he told me, and ever since, especially when I'm alone, I let those words guide me.

That's what I did last Thursday: had already been to two meetings, starting at 9:00, and I had just finished one on Conduit Street when I reached Bond. The light turned green that second, and as I crossed I thought, I wonder what magic I will see now?

Soon as I turned left - the sunlight glistened on a window that caught my attention even before I realised it was Smythson's. Now, I've been Smitten with Smythson ever since we first moved here: before I had heard of Samantha Cameron, let alone knew she was their creative director. I was with a group of mutual friends, and met Elle Macpherson - who is so sweet. I'll never forget the image of her pulling a large hot pink leather Smythson notebook out of her bag and writing my name and number in her large, scrawling hand. To me it was the height of luxury.

While I'm so blatantly name dropping: I've actually met and shot her (SamCam) this last fashion week - I really should post about it). I was just so gushing & girly, I don't normally get star struck but she's just so cool: I mean, Carla Bruni is a great style icon for the French, but she and Michelle O are such inspiring style icons, and women, and wives and mothers..

Which leads me to: yes, the Royal Wedding.

When the Engagement was first announced, last November, I was - like most people - you know, all blase. After all: I was so proud of how I never dreamed of the white dress, the ring on my finger. My engagement ring is a sapphire, a small one surrounded by a few tiny diamonds: Mr. Dot uncannily chose something so similar to a childhood September birthstone ring. I never got it about diamonds. I didn't even wear white: it was a blue and white midi length slip of a thing, from Barney's.

My point being: I'd be the least likely candidate to get all gushing about this wedding. Or any wedding, even my own, least alone people I have never met (or not yet: I can't rule anything out in this or any other life). I can't even remember what I was doing, back in NY, during Charles & Di's: certainly not watching it on TV. Back then, I was way too cool for that stuff.

But this time.. maybe it's because these two truly seem so in love: not just in love, but happy, compatible: this is a grown up relationship, a modern romance. They've lived together so long. They KNOW this will work, as much as anyone can know about anything in this crazy world. Kate is such a star. In this post modern, post feminist world, I can't think of anything cooler, as a woman, than to be an asset to her Man. And while I know it's cool to say 'I don't care about the Royal Wedding'.. I don't not care. There's I've said it! So shoot me.

Smythson's have collaborated with Janice Blackburn, curator of contemporary craft and design at Sotheby's, to showcase brilliant modern British artists' innovative tribute to the Royal Wedding. The series of ceramic sculptures, shown here, are by KATIE McBRIDE. I love the beauty of these pieces (which are for sale, as is everything in the show), and I love her wit and whimsy: taking the 'memorabilia' aspects that most of us are pretty cynical about - I even saw an ad tying in selling COMPUTERS with the Royal Wedding (that's a stretch) - and turning the idea on its head.

The whole collection sums up, for me, everything that is Great about Britain: the wit. The irony. The talent. The idea of respect for tradition, but not taking it all too seriously, least of all, Oneself.

Over the next few days, in addition to One's normally scheduled program of streetstyle and whatnot, I shall display photos of the various artists' contributions. But if you're in town til 3rd May, see them for yourself at the flagship Smythson store on New Bond Street.