IT girl

Was out with Mr. Dot on Sunday afternoon, about to switch to O2 @ the Carphone Warehouse, when we saw Lindsey floating down the King's Road, in top to toe black and white. While we spoke, she'd move her white fur ear muff ever so elegantly, as if listening to the most beautiful music in her own private world. I wonder: is that a new kind of iPhone headset?
Lindsey lives in London now, and I couldn't believe that she said she works in, of all professions, IT. One of the calmest, most serene, people I've seen in a long, long time.


that blue reiss skirt

Rarely does an item of clothing make me hysterical, but I found myself running down the King's Road chasing Sam to find out where she got that fabulous blue skirt (Reiss). She's got it just right for a cooler day, but this skirt will be great through the summer. 

I hesitate to identify the source because it's selling faster than hot cakes, and I want one! It comes in three colours: this perfect periwinkle, a creamy white, and watermelon. Yum.

p.s. I've discovered that Rachel, on her blog (see Little Miss Rachel under 'nice things') has also fallen in love with this skirt. Rachel, if you're reading this - it's at Reiss! I've put their website up under nice things, too. But please don't buy the last one!


hello, cupcake!

The cupcake cafe - the South Ken branch of the Notting Hill 'Hummingbird Cafe' - has become something of a scene, and with the Lycee nearby, it's got a whiff of the Parisian about it. There's something about cupcakes that girls love, and where there are girls, the boys aren't far off.. even tho a bloke wouldn't normally be caught dead voluntarily purchasing a cupcake, now would he?

another biker chic

At Buckingham Palace, when we were greeting the O's arriving for tea with the Q and Prince P. A couple on bicycles: she filmed me, so I shot her. More biker chic.

made in italy

Daniella and Giovanna, friends visiting from Italy. Dotted on Regent's Street. Which look is more your style?

let it rip, revisited

Dotted way back in February. Take off the pea coat, lighten up the colours on top, and Bob's your uncle.


smile! you've been dotted!

We love Meg's fresh colour sense, her wit, & above all, her smile. 


lucy's mysterious liberty soles

Okay, first, I don't know what's going on with this Eastern Style invasion thing. But the plot thickens: Dotted Lucy & Wallace, visiting from Japan, outside Black & Blue, our great local steak & burgers joint on Gloucester Road. Asked Lucy where she got her pretty pink pumps and she said (or so I thought), Liberty, and showed me the logo inside. I saw it with my own eyes! Then I looked up the brand on Liberty's website.. but they don't even have any shoes! I thought, could she have perhaps said Selfridges? Can't find it there. It's not the fabulous French Sole brand - the logo was different.
Looks like I'm going to have to get off my lazy ass and hoof it over to Liberty & see for myself. 


harvey nicks (italian style)

Rachele, from Italy of course, outside Harvey Nicks. It had been such good weather but suddenly turned cold (March hadn't yet gone out like a lamb) - so very brave to be the first on the street in knee socks, bare legs, and goose bumps. Loved her bomber jacket - it was some great suede-like fabric.

Hands on buzzers: why does everyone in London with great style these days seem to come from either Italy, or the Far East?


ballet style

Emilia & Megan, the nicest girls, dotted outside Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Love that netted skirt in this season's must have pale pink peachy colour, paired with a white tee and black leather jacket. And Megan got that gorgeous electric aquamarine blue dress on one of her trips to Africa. Fabulous!

mellow yellow

Dotted around London town: accents in yellow. The same week as the daffs are up. Coincidence? Trend? Two different examples, one for work and one for play.


primary colours

One of the best treats in London is to rent a striped deck chair in Green Park (£1.50 an hour, £2.00 for four), and hang out on one of the first days of spring during lunch hour. The daffodils are up, and everyone's out. If no chairs are available, the lawn is comfy and well kept.

LA (short for Leslie Anne), has matched her blue jumper to the deck chairs, her bag to the green lawn, and her red Doc Martins are the exact shade as a double decker bus. And her haircut is so crisp, Agyness Deyn could take a page from her book. And her eyes are this extraordinary blend of blue and green.

model behaviour: streetstyle glamour

Mr. Dot & I were in Shoreditch on a cool Sunday morning when we saw Amanda Swan, a glamour model, freezing her toes off on a quiet side street. Lee Barker, a photographer, was shooting her for her portfolio. You couldn't have met a nicer or more friendly artist and muse: absolutely lovely people. She had to sit to write her contact details because her feet were killing her. What we won't do for our art!


bus stop cinderella

I was running into Waitrose, my husband waiting impatiently in the car, when I saw this stunning little girl about to get on a bus with her mother, or perhaps grandmother. I asked the woman permission to shoot the girl - she gave it - and before I got a chance to ask even her name, the bus came. I snapped this just before they hopped on & were whisked away.

She didn't even leave a shoe behind. 


god is in the details

Fiona wearing an old cashmere cardigan - a gift - from Agnes B, lined in silk. Love that chartreuse/lilac combo, and the hint of the cross.


bonjour, croissant!

It was a brilliant crisp morning & I'd run into my local Paul on Gloucester Rd. for a small extra shot latte (they do the best coffees, besides of course the best bread & cakes), when I saw Beatrice on the queue (there's always a queue, it's so French to be so unhurried.. so 'whatever'). Her style is so je ne sais quoi, yet she's an English Rose. 

And no surprise she's an urban photographer, (and choreographer).

these boots are made for walking

Henrietta & I passed each other on the King's Road on one of the first glorious spring days. Love her spirit, her smile, and her joyful colourful layering. No fierce shoes for Hen! Hers are built for speed.


polka dot style

Dotted in Green Park during her lunch hour on one of the first gloriously spring days: Tanya, looking fabulous in polka dots, leopard scarf, and red Ray Bans. We're predicting lots o' polka dots this season, but then again, we would, wouldn't we? This is the season to break the rules: we're seeing a lot of pattern on pattern, in increasingly creative ways.


it's a bird...

I was in Hyde Park, shooting the first roses about to bloom, when I saw this woman struggling to set up a self portrait by balancing it on the railings. She spoke no English, so I have no idea where she got her fabulous boots, or that great grey felt skirt (so Joseph Beuys.) Just as I clicked the shutter, a pigeon flew past, the same dove grey as her skirt.

schoolgirl chic, tilly style

Ran into my friend Claire on the street with her & Ian's daughter, Tilly. Love Tilly's outfit. 

I've been seeing a lot of black tights & white sneakers (plimsoles) recently - anyone know where that started? - but I think it works a lot better on Tilly, with the white socks/cropped black tights under cut-off jeans. And the black cardigan over the bib-style pleat shirt. Offset, of course, with the red school bag - and she's not being ironic. Form, for once, is actually following function. Oh and by the way, I've got the same pair of cream coloured Converse sneakers. 

I might just tear a leaf from Tilly's book. 


more mickey mouse style

This sweet girl and her mother were visiting from Korea, and spoke no English, so I couldn't ask where she got her giant Mickey Mouse sweater. I doubt it's Castelbajac. Perhaps she's his muse.
Been seeing a lot of black tights with classic white Keds sneakers recently. This is a variation on that theme.


saatchi style

Just saw the brilliant exhibit on now @ the Saatchi Gallery (off the King's Road in London) on Muslim artists. Best art we've seen in a long time. We haven't seen this much style in one place since the Tierney Gearon photo launch. AND they let you take photos, so everyone's got a camera, it's such fun. Like shooting fish. 


california dreamin'

Lynne, from San Francisco, spends a few months a year in London. She's such a delightful, sunny soul. Shot at the Scottish church on Pont Street.


four yorkshire lads

These guys had such a great vaguely-Prague, kinda Berlin street thing going that I spoke rather slowly when I asked them to pose outside the Saatchi Gallery. So I felt like a real idiot when I asked them where they were from, and they said Yorkshire. Granted, for those people who never leave London it might seem like a foreign country. Still... there's no excuse, really, apart from the fact that there WERE several school trips that day from a lot of European countries. 

harley style @ saatchi gallery

 Pat got this genuine Harley-Davidson leather jacket as a gift from her boyfriend, who found it in San Francisco. Love the way it matches the fabulous silver details on her boots.

i capture the castelbajac

Anna works in the new Castlebajac shop that opened recently near New Bond Street (50 Conduit, to be precise). It's such fun: he sells rugs & shoes & kooky clocks as well as whimsical, beautifully made clothes in primary colours. Lots o' Mickey Mouse motifs. Anna said I've got to see his website, which is great fun, and she's right.


great dane!

Sine (from Denmark) was dashing down the King's Road @ a fast clip, talking on the phone. Don't you just love those lace up wellies? Sine works in advertising here in London, and I'd love to see what else she's got up her sleeve - and in her wardrobe. 

east meets west/south visits north

Dee (right, from Southern China) is visiting Tiffany, from Northern China, as they were dotted near the Science Museum. Tiffany is a mathematician studying at Imperial College in London.