how do you like your eggs, mr. dot?

Mr. Dot & I are having a bit of a domestic incident. First, he wants me to make him an early supper (vintage cheddar cheese omelette, soft on the inside, thickly sliced brunswick ham, green salad with Cardini's caesar salad dressing & Paul's bread, his favourite meal which I do make rather well) as I'm running out after to meet a friend for a quick chat. But he's got me near tears because he looked at my blog & said that my post looks bad. He said, and I quote, 'Pictures of the sky, Jill. And your one shot of people, it's blurry.' He said 'You've got all these great street shots, why are you posting this xxxx?'

It's a lose/lose situation for me because I've been saving these shots of this lovely, oh so photogenic group of friends that I shot on Gloucester Road 3rd September and haven't had a moment to post. I didn't want to bother them & we did a whole shoot - the whole story was so cute, and it's really hard to decide which shots to use - and so I just gave them all my cards and counted from left to right, 1 - 6, and gave them each a number. (You might recognise number 6 from a previous post on electric blue). So far only number 5, Alexis, has got in touch, which is ironic because originally I wanted to shoot her alone, as I love her look. (The dress is from my latest favourite shop, All Saints, in Shoreditch).

So I'm hurrying to get these up and will probably make mistakes, all the while he's asking how long I will take because he wants his damn supper. And then what should pop in but a message from my sweet blog-friend, Erika of Cafe Fashionista, bless her 100% cotton socks, on my previous post on Victoria & Albert:

"I absolutely love these pictures. The lovebirds are utterly adorable - the girl actually looks like a model; she's gorgeous. And you're right...there is something about blurry pictures that is so intriguing. :) "

Thank you, Erika. And how do you like them eggs, Mr. Dot?

. . .

P.S.: while I was preparing dinner, he took a look at my blog & said 'Ah, that's better.' I looked at the cat. And waited. He got quiet for a moment, like he was reading, and said 'Oh so now you're getting your little blog friends against me, huh?' And I told him about Erika's comment. 'That was one comment, Jill. One comment!'

Still. I've won this round, and domestic harmony is restored. Now off to finish making his dinner.

the ghosts of victoria and albert (homage to magritte)

Last Friday night, outside the V&A.

It had all been quite an extraordinary day and night, which I'll tell you about soon. I was experimenting with my digital Canon, trying to work out how to do a shot in homage to Magritte, because it was such a Magritte night. And then I saw these two: young lovers, channelling Victoria and Albert. There's something magic about the accident of blurs, don't you agree?

star quality: milly in chanel

Milly, in Chanel, on Day Five, London Fashion Week.

At the same time & place I shot Milly, I saw another woman also sporting orange hair. In fact I saw several sightings of bright red or orange hair, which works to great effect in a sea of black and navy - either white blonde hair with red lipstick, or very henned'd hair works GREAT provided that, unlike me, the skin is very white, very pale. And sorry, no offense to anyone, but I do feel one must be young to pull this look off successfully. No, I take that back: look at Vivienne Westwood. Or Queen Elizabeth I. Don't listen to me, what do I know.

One beef I do have with Chanel: in a dress where the bold pattern is the star (sorry, didn't mean to be punny), the least they could do for what I assume is one hefty price tag, is to line up the pattern. Or at the very least, not cut off one's own, iconic logo. I could see if it were high street - JUST - but for Chanel, one expects a certain standard.

Apart from that, I love how she's accessorized it so simply: just a bit of silver jewelry, bare legs, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS KILLER HEELS, and this season's Classic Twist: the ubiquitous black leather motorcycle jacket.

While trying to source this Chanel dress for you, (which I couldn't find, sorry girls) I did find someone in Milan wearing it November 2008, on the Sartorialist's blog. Not to go head to head with the Great Man himself, but I like Milly's look much better. What's your verdict? Which look to you prefer?

young george

Models on Day Five, the last day of London Fashion Week: the day devoted to men's fashion. He reminds me of a young George Harrison, don't you think?

dunno.. what do you think?

Too matchy-matchy?


blondie (embedding disabled by request)

There were so many gorgeous blondes with great looks @ fashion week. And it's just occurred to me: many of you bloggers were too young to know Blondie. You might not even know their music, and what with all this 80s revival stuff going on now, the least I could do is find you this clip, even if embedding isn't allowed. I've finally learned how to embed the videos, and this one is 'disabled by request.' Still, worth clicking on.

This 'blondie' is Anne Sophie, after either Caroline Charles or Eun Jeong, and below, with her friend Aida.

Speaking of blonde models, I'm thrilled to bits that Frida Gustavsson (IMG), below, who I met in H&M on a rainy spring day in London, is doing so well on the catwalk. She's the loveliest girl. I've shot a lot of models (by accident) and there was something extraordinary about shooting her, as I posted here, and here. Maybe I'm missing my calling as a model scout!

on trend: snorkel leggings

You have to hand it to the girls at London Fashion Week: they really suffered for their art. It was a heat wave, and yet there were trends that had to be worn: fur, and leather, and specifically, black leather leggings (or, 'wet look' leggings: to me they look like scuba or snorkeling gear). Some were faux, some, no doubt, were the real deal. Two different looks: which would you lean towards?

It baffles me beyond belief to see the cost range for this one simple trend. The Saks Fifth Avenue site lists a range that includes Fendi for $1,850.00 USD (or, for a hundred bucks more, you can opt for the Maison Martin Margiela version, altho I can't see the difference from the shots).

Alice + Olivia has a pair, a bargain at $698.00, but if you don't mind faux, go for the Romeo & Juliet Couture pair which will set up back a mere $35.00. And leave it to Topshop, they've got 'wetlook' black leggings for £18, or $28.60 on today's exchange rate. (I'm not assuming everyone reading this is a Yank or a Brit, so use the XE conversion to figure it out in your currency).

Unless you're absolutely sure this trend will become a classic, I know which one I'd pick.

(By the way: I didn't ask either girl where they got theirs, but the top girl's bag is Valentino. Still, that doesn't mean she hasn't gone for the faux).

there's something about mary katrantzou

Okay, I admit it: I have a problem. I thought I could stop posting LFW shots, but I can't. There must be a word for people like me. I've now dug into another strata, and am now going thru the actual exhibitors' shots. It's like going thru another portal, and I CAN'T NOT POST THIS STUFF.

It was the strangest sensation, in the days after fashion week ended, even while seeing 500 Days of Summer, I found my right index finger twitching: I was photographing scenes while watching a film! It's like after you've been sailing for a week: dry land keeps on rocking. Or as a kid after a day in the waves, and at night it feels like you're still in the sea.

When I stumbled in on Mary Katrantzou's exhibit, it was set up so cleanly, I just went WOW. Seated on a chair was a woman I thought was Mary, but it was actually her mom. I wanted to shoot her but she moved out of the shot for me - she was just so nice, so modest. If you want to see the clothes on, go to the link and click on collections. I just love it: it's like Christopher Kane's crocodile meets Alexander McQueen's bold prints from s/s 2009, but there's more to it. I just love her stuff: it's so not my typical, Virgo style, but she's really thinking outside the box. And I think they'd all work so well with the previous post's black peep toe suede booties!

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? What shoes would you wear with one of her dresses?

the thing about peep toe booties

A while ago, when I was ranting that there isn't much, if anything, to rant about this season because I just love every fashion trend so damn much, someone came up with peep toe booties, which I kind of agree. (And then, people expanded the rant - or rather, narrowed it - down to 'red nail varnish peeping thru of peep toe booties').

The thing about peep toe booties is that they are totally impractical. You can't wear them when it's freezing, rainy, snowy, slushy, etc (but then again, in black suede, that's ill advised anyway). They really only look right with miniskirts & bare legs. And they're too hot when it's hot, as it was @ LFW.

If this season is all about statement shoes, than what are you stating when you wear them? Perhaps that's the ultimate status symbol: I (or my rich husband/boyfriend/parents/whatever) have so much money, I can afford to waste it on impractical shoes.

Still, I dunno... I kind of love them. What do you think?

Oh and the answer, I've discovered, to the red nail varnish conundrum became clear when I saw the Mystery Blonde jewelry designer in the previous post: go for hot pink!

I don't know about you, but I'm getting kinda bored with LFW shots. I mean, there are tons more I want to show you - and I haven't even got to the boys yet - but I've got to start posting on the other great looks I've seen outside Somerset House. Besides, everyone's on to Milan, and Paris is coming, and I won't be there, and London is so... last week.

. . . .

UPDATE: MYSTERY SOLVED!! Mystery jewelry designer is Lucy Hutchings, check out her gorgeous website. Of COURSE. My notes disappeared, lost in the great FW shuffle. My lovely new friend Juliet from Adorn London solved the mystery, and this is HER fabulous new website! (Will post on her soon).



London Fashion Week, Day One, Somerset House. Mystery Brunette.


On Day One of London Fashion Week I ran into someone who looked familiar: my old friend and fellow blogger, Felicia, of 'chic in town', who I met while dog walking our friends' dog Jackson last spring! As we were talking and exchanging cards again so we don't lose each others' details, I was just snapping away. I'm posting every shot I took of her because I just can't decide which I like best.

Note this season's fashion must: leather, softened in this case with a grey scarf, and soft hair. It's funny this week in the Telegraph, or was it the Style section of the Times, they were showing us how you soften leather with something knitted & soft. They also talked a lot about how the 'fashion bloggers say..' which is interesting: it's you girls (& boys) who are now dictating what the fashion editors are saying! How cool is that.

In fact it's funny how these things travel: -h, from pret a porter p, mentioned 'classic with a twist' and I took the ball & kept running with it, next thing I know, some fashion editor is using it as the title of her piece. So watch what you say, blogirls: it could end up in Vogue.

Felicia is so so so nice and vivacious and genuine & sweet. I swear, just spent a moment in her presence and you just want to smile.

p.s. Speaking of -h, and speaking of smiles, I just visited her blog, and her current is La Vie Parapluie, which is lovely and all about... umbrellas! So today, wherever you are, whether it's raining or shining, let your smile be your umbrella.

honey i'm on the phone

That's another thing that everyone was doing at fashion week: either talking, or texting. On the phone. When they weren't smoking, that is. Or, often, a bit of both.

You know how when you see films from like the early 90s - Julie Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding, for example - and they're holding these big bricks to their ears? It looks so dated. Someday, when we all just have chips implanted under our wrist and walk around looking like we're barking mad & talking to ourselves, THIS will look so dated. A hand to an ear. On this year's model blackberry (which, I admit, I've got, too: I've customised mine with three hot pink polka dots of nail varnish, so I can tell it apart from Mr. Dot's).

The thing about the phone is it keeps one from being Present, which is, in the Buddhist sense, all that matters. And yet - well sometimes, you just have to. I did, at times. It just seemed to me that with all this wonderful stuff going on to observe, people aren't really seeing it at times. Plus, it kept me from asking their permission to shoot them. So after a while, I just did anyway. Usually they'd then glance up, see me mouthing thank you, and smile. And go on talking.

So: which phone look is more you?


no smoking

One thing I noticed about the Somerset House location, besides it creating such a village atmosphere because there was one entrance and it was like a cobblestone courtyard surrounded by buildings, as that, being outdoors & the weather so splendid, there was a whole lot of smoking going on.


is it true blondes have more fun?

This girl is a jewelry designer who was exhibiting @ London Fashion Week, and I can't remember her name! The necklace is one of her pieces. I'm sure someone reading this knows: Anonymous, can you tip me off with hopefully a link to her site? Many thanks : )

zip drive

There was once a time when a fashion designer's goal was to hide the zippers. This would be a fashion disaster. I can't recall another season where the zipper is the accessory. I happen to LOVE this look!! Taking a poll: what do you think?

don't try this trick at home

Shot this quickly going thru the revolving doors @ 180 Strand (the main exhibitors building) @ London Fashion Week. I'm not posting this to make fun of anyone, altho, as my mom taught me to say in instances like this 'It's nice, but it's not my taste.'

AND YET: Any of these elements - the lovely ruffly skirt, the leggings, even the shoes - if paired with something masculine, or those leggings with the previous post's black wedge booties... you get my drift?

Which reminds me of the birthday card I sent my sister: a hysterical shot of a tall thin white dog with pairs of pink satin ballet shoes hanging round it's neck. The caption reads: 'What do you think, too matchy-matchy?'


For those of you who are wondering why I'm still posting London Fashion Week shots when it's over, well the short answer is, I'm not done yet. There are still many good street style shots I haven't yet posted, and I'm going to start mixing it up, but there are still so many looks I want to show you, because a lot of these are practical ideas you could adopt without having to spend a mint on designer clothes. For example, there are an infinite number of ways to mix the masculinity of black leather or denim with the femininity of lace, and these are two very different looks, which both, in my humble opinion, work.


so tired

Last night, while some people were no doubt out at parties till the wee hours, I was sitting in the dark with my laptop, going through all these images, like memories. There are so many, and tomorrow is another day, and the day after that. I've got time to show you what I've seen. Tonight, however, I'm going to get me some sleep.

But before I do, one more shot: Justine Bruman, who I met on Day Four of London Fashion Week, and judging by the time of day, I'm guessing she'd just finished the Todd Lynn show. I've found a shot from the show that I'm guessing is her, but I could be wrong. She was so ethereal. Altho she was looking at me, she wasn't seeing me. That's how tired she was.

If there's anyone out there who dreams of the glamour of a model's life, I've seen that no one works harder than these models. The shows are over so quickly, yet so much energy is expended, so much expectation put onto such a brief moment in time.

So to Justine, and the countless people who have worked harder than me, and slept less: this Bud's for you.

virgo style, my way

Eileen, after Todd Lynn, Day Four, LFW @ Somerset House.

This is my style. Plain, simple, clean. I'm a Virgo and read long ago that we favour navy, black and neutrals, in my case, that happens to be true. Are there any other Virgos out there (I said VIRGOS, girls!) and if so, is this your look, too? I'm curious, do all Virgos lean towards this style?

Eileen reminds me of me, when I was younger. I wouldn't have worn those shoes back then because they didn't exist, but I'd wear them now, in a heartbeat. Or, I'd wear them with my old Barneys oxfords, which I've been wearing for years, long before they were cool. I love my classics, with a twist, like my old friends: my black Ray Bans. Trends may come and go, but I pick from what's on trend, and wear it my way. And on that note, let's sing along with Frank!

It's funny, started posting on it late last night, then woke up this morning and read Nini's great post on her new purchase, a fabulous pair of thigh high leather boots from Barneys, that are so her style, and so not mine. Now there's a girl who knows her own style! (One of the many things I like about her blog, and her).

Another look that I feel is my style (I've got very similar boots), shot at Spitalfields Market the day before LFW started. I really feel I'm neglecting all the lovely people I shot before Friday. Today's a catch up day for me, as I assume for the people @ fashion week who worked so much harder than I did. My job was easy: just run around and meet lovely people and click, click, click. Not a bad life!

Of the posts of LFW I've done so far, which style is more you?