Twilight fishing with Mr. Dot & some of the family a few days ago, on the beach below my parents' summer home (now just my mom's: although my father died seven summers ago, we still think of it as my father's beach). My niece Becky reminds me so much of my sister, her mom, at her age (13). She's so sweet. Same exact hair, too.

Winding down, only five precious days til we leave, so I'm going to go join him (Mr. D) down on the same very beach, on the Long Island Sound, where he's fishing.

It's a very quiet Thursday morning. So grateful to each of you who are visiting, and commenting - Roz, Jazmine, Carrott, you all know who you are. Anonymous aka Louisa: I'm wondering if perhaps you're the same wise Anonymous who has taught me things I didn't know in the past? Your explanation that Chanel's limited edition Vague nail varnish, for example, translates as Wave in English, got me thinking. What about Sand? Google translate says it's Sable, which in my mind is a darker colour, but perhaps I'm thinking of a dark brown Sable coat. If you translate Sable back into English, it's also Grit, Grittiness, or Fettle (?).

Vague, on the other hand, besides wave, also means Tide, Vagueness, Surge, UPsurge, Outbreak, Dimness, Haziness, Inkling, Vague, Vacant, Dim, Indefinite, Undefinied, Hazy, Indistinct, Remote, Obscure, Shadowy, Indeterminate, Sketchy, Formless, Lax, Shady, Sloppy, Incomprehensible, Inscrutable, or Indistinguishable.

Thinking ahead to how I shall dress come fall. I want to bring the colours of the Dominican Republic into my wintry English life. I shall show you more, over time. Bright almost neon colours mixing with the shades of brown and camel and nude and yes, SAND, or SABLE. British Vogue's August edition - which I had in the DR - showed some really sophisticated mixes of bright wacky colours, I like that. I also like shades that are hazy, dim, vague, indeterminate, indistinct and sketchy. The light out here on the Fork today is hazy, and I'm wearing mostly White (Blanc), pale Sand, and the palest Sky Blue faded old button down men's shirt. Or, Ciel Blue, en français.

Going down to the Sound. Où êtes-vous aujourd'hui?


Ashley Dy said...

You make me want to go to the beach!

A little fashion Romance said...

lovely photographs, will be very interesting to see your dominican republic wardrobe brightening up the dreary english weather.
such a lovely blog, am following

much love kerry



The Photodiarist said...

We're so close . . . yet so far away. Greetings from a skyscraper in Manhattan.

Shopgirl said...

Such beautiful and peaceful, calming photographs.

Can't wait for my trip to the beach now.

Make the most of your last few days... :)

Ms. Scotch said...

I love the color schemes you have been posting! Everything is so beautiful! These particular shots have inspired me for this fall: the combination of sand and rose colors (from the sky) on the beach make this amazing combination that I can't seem to find the right word for. Name aside, I love it. Combined with the steely sea color and maybe just a hint of a bright green or blue... Yes, I do believe I have found an idea for Fall/Winter.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Carrott said...

I love to come here everyday to read your wonderful posts, they're so inspiring and I always learn something new. Thank you. xxx

Sarah said...

these shots are so beautiful! U must be having the most wonderful summer!! xxx

styleeast said...

Gorgeous. So evocative. Keep the photos coming...

Style Odyssey said...

ok, that's it. i'm off to the beach tomorrow! (we almost went today, but after all afternoon in the vet specialist's office- trying to get to the bottom of why our kitty won't eat- we're tired, i have a headache, and it's late in the day. too bad- it was a gloriously sunny day.)

glad you're having a great time! i know we keep saying this, but really, Jill, we must catch up via phone before you go back to London.

by the way, i am loving your holiday posts as much as the street style images. you have a special way of capturing epic beachscapes; it's very soothing and captivating. and the colors!!


Style At Every Age said...

Gorgeous pictures which I found very calming to look at. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

S said...

Beautiful, beautiful beach. And I really like your suggestion of bright neon colours clashing with camel, because right now all I am thinking of is camel/sand/khaki and I need something to break up the monotony!

Let me know when you get back, we should meet up!


Ray said...

Great shots:)))
Come follow http://rayabo.blogspot.com/

Maria Fallon said...

I do really love bursts of colour being toned down by the camel, beige etc :) And as others have said vague is wave as in "La Nouvelle Vague" or "New Wave" cinema by Truffaut, Goddard et al :)

Maria xxx