cold feet, warm heart

Flying home from Florida tomorrow, and I don't want to. But I had the most amazing creative dream that I was allowed to take photos on a Vogue photo shoot that was out of this world: my first fashion related dream. So I must be starting to get excited about London Fashion Week. I was meant to be covering it in NY and those plans fell thru and I really do feel that what's meant to happen does, and visa versa. Or, as an old saying goes, 'if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.'

Top shot, taken by me at Somerset House, two years ago. Bottom shot, at the pool two days ago, with my Samsung (for the Now Project). I remember two years ago how new and ground breaking (literally, it seemed) those massively high platforms seemed. All the focus was on the feet. I don't know if those kind of shoes - or shoes in general - will have the same impact, the same.. newness, that it did in September 2009.

What do you predict will be the new style erogenous zone? And on a separate note, what are YOUR plans? Hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend! xo

(p.s. Today's Valentine's Day - and I'm flying home to my Valentine tonight - and our sweet cat. I was going to put up something Valentinesque but on second thought, these shoes in the shot resemble a heart to me, so I'll leave it with this one. Happy Valentine's DAy everyone!)


Holly Springett said...

Love the pool shot, beautifully abstract! Like the idea of a move on from the huge platforms that have been everywhere - interested to see what looks fresh at London Fashion Week this season!

Shopgirl said...

Oh no, don't say that about the wedges! I have just got a massive pair specifically for London next weekend!

Love the shot of the feet in the pool - but it does rather make me wish for summer and pools in the sun!!

styleeast said...

We'll be very glad to have you back, Jill, even if you don't want to go! I'm looking forward to the merry-go-round of LFW, am contemplating whether to attempt to wear my big wedges but I know I'll end up miserable/falling over/complaining/looking uncomfortable.

Can't wait to see you. I'm predicting some major colour-blocking on the streets next week (check my last 2 posts...it's happening already!) xx

Style Odyssey said...

new erogenous zone? maybe the ankles...we're seeing a lot of cropped pants for spring, aren't we? or maybe it's just me.

you fly home tomorrow?? i must get with it and call you today, then...while we're on same side of the big pond! xo

jill said...

Oh I didn't mean (shopgirl, styleeast) that I think high wedges are going away - I hope not! I only meant I noticed it for the first time in a big way in Sept 2009.

While trends in other areas - skirt lengths, trouser leg shapes, bright colours - can be achieved in other ways than buying something new (shopping one's closet, say, or vintage or eBay) it seemed to me that the 'new' shoe: that Acne silhouette - was so outrageously new that you could never get it in a thrift shop. I don't know of any other trend that you could say that about. Even the aviator jacket (and we're seeing a lot of leather/fleece in NY right now, according to Tommy Tan's style.com at least) is something you could go back in time to borrow. Only that kind of wedge seemed fashion-forward.

Hmm.. I feel a post on the subject coming up!

Stephanie (Odyssey): will get hold of you somehow!

Thanks Holly, Shopgirl, Jennifer, Stephanie xox

ediot said...

so excited for London fashion week! thanks so much for stopping by me. i didn't know who it was commenting- as your profile wasn't available. but i googled my way to it.. cannot wait to see your coverage of LFW. your photos are phenomenal!
wish you a great week ahead

Matthew Spade said...

i miss florida, my gf hollie's parents have a villa there. can't wait to go again!

SabinePsynopsis said...

The thought of coming back to cold London can't be alluring, but hey, we're happy to have you back and I'm looking forward to hanging around at FW with you soon, Jill. Safe travels! xoxo

Shopgirl said...

Haha!! Thank you Jill - I will wear my wedges with pride next week then!! As long as my poor feet can cope! :)

Fashion Limbo said...

amazing red shoes, simply amazing! I have a strong penchant for anything red, and shoe-like, and if it has wedges/platforms I may even lose my soul.

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my site. I wish I were moving to London, but my back injury means I can only work part time (if anything) and my partner is starting a business in Algeria, so my weekend has been all about packing as we are leaving in 10 days! I will be in the south of Spain where I feel my career fashion-wise will end (but will be able to see my partner once a month), so that's what's making me dispirited and a tad miserable. Change is always hard, right? Glad you had a wonderful time in Florida you lucky lady!!

jill said...

Change for me is reallly hard. I'm resisting packing just to fly home tonight. I'm one of those bodies when at rest that wants to remain at rest. Just sent you a long comment cause I can't email.

Shopgirl: I want to meet you if you'll be there! Please find me somehow. And Sabine, thank you! See you soon. xoxo

Krystle said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!! I hope you have a safe trip back to your valentine. :)

The Photodiarist said...

Hey there. Sorry to be so absent these past few weeks. Work and more work and then trying to fit in some time to photograph NYFW. Love those shoes in the first shot -- notwithstanding that they are from 2 years ago!

P.S. Belated Happy Valentine's day. Hope your flight was a safe one.

The Photodiarist said...

BTW, I am seeing a ton of fur these days. Even more than last February. Let me know if you see the same thing during LFW.

Murzipan said...

You are just the most amazingly positive person, it just shines through your blog. Who else can say "I was meant to be shooting NYFW and plans fell through.." Amazing. An inspiration!

Jewellery Channel said...

The second pic is awesome.

jill said...

Photodiarist: (I'll write this on your blog as well in case you don't read this) that would be fascinating - to compare notes. I was surprised, when I went to Tommy Tan's vogue.com thing (quickly: it was the one chance I got) and saw a lot of variations of the Aviator - leather/fleece/biker's jacket - as I'd thought that trend had peaked.

Murzipan: thank you. Believe me, there was more to the story - and I'm only human, it did annoy me at the time, because it took up SO much of my time (booking flights, cancelling them.. several times - not to mention jerking other people around, including my mom). Basically, I was invited to one of those 'too good to be true' opportunities: a party in my honour with my photos for an exhibition - and I was the only one they asked - and somehow in a very long story it was ultimately cancelled. Then, in a strange turn of events, the party/exhibition was reformed but for Susie Bubble instead (using my friend Shini's photos, as Susie isn't a strong photographer). It was sponsored by W hotels, and they're opening a new London hotel, and they had this concept of London StreetStyle.. anyway, it was getting all complicated. And altho I was originally the only one they had in mind... let's just say, I'm not the competitive type.

But the people that asked me were really nice about it, and apologetic, and that's what matters to me,. I can work with them again in the future and besides, I really do believe that what's meant to happen is what comes to us easily. If I have to struggle to make anything happen - including a romantic relationship - it's simply not worth it. I'm not a big fan of forcing things.

We end up where we're meant to be. And I truly feel that I was meant to be in Florida this past week, doing what I did and seeing the people I saw. Which I couldn't do if I had that 'once in a lifetime' opportunity. I just hope Susie enjoyed her party as much as I'm sure I would have enjoyed mine, as I've got a lot of friends - and close family - in NY. ; )

Shopgirl said...

Murzipan is right, you are a very positive person :)

Would love to meet you at LFW on Friday!! Will only be there for a couple of hours in the afternoon (email me @ sugarandspice (dot) shopgirl (at) gmail (dot) come!?)

Hope you got back ok, xx

Rosalind said...

I'm really sorry to hear that those plans in NY fell through, but I'm sure that there will always be other opportunities. I'm looking forward to catching up with you at LFW though!
I think that shoes are very interesting, depending on which part of the foot is on show. For example, the difference between an ankle boot and an open toed shoe.
Oh & that first shot is wonderful, I love how vibrant the red is.


LYDIA HOPE said...

This makes me super excited for Thursday - bring on Fashion Week!

Stiletto-aholic said...

I love those red shoes! Really stylish.