As David Gergen just said on CNN, this moment doesn't belong to us, this belongs to the young Egyptians. (Those were his words: it's clear that the older Egyptians are pretty happy, too). And while we still proceed with caution - there are still ways this could go wrong - right now, this feels in my heart at least, like a celebration of freedom. As my Egyptian friend Natayla said, let us pray now, finally, for democracy.

I hope wherever you are tonight, you are feeling free.

Dree Hemingway (with Tommy Tan) at the Topshop Unique show, Waterloo Station, February 2010 fashion week, London.


Malayka said...

Great post! Revolutions get me all teary eyed. How amazing it is the kind of impact people can have to make change when they all come together!
Beautiful pictures by the way.

ediot said...

just such an amazing post. love how you put it together. it's so important to be thankful for living in a country not in war- but in peace.. it's really not something that could be taken for granted.
hope you're having a great weekend

Style Odyssey said...

good post. it's incredible what's happened, i feel so joyous for the people of egypt. :)

i like dree's outfit and her exuberance. her radiance makes me forget how tired i am this morning. (and i didn't recognize her with the crazy runway hair! til i saw the name...)

let's talk tomorrow- i'll be off and at home, "free" to chat! (what a great word, "free".)


staklene bombone | hard candies said...

maybe it's another perspective: it's a new egypt, and the citizens of a newborn country have to be young no matter how old they are:)

dree rokcs!


Izis said...


Anonymous said...

so true. I find it interesting to think that in 50 years, people will be learning about this as 'history'. To change the point, I'm pretty sure Dree Hemingway is in the middle of the models on the homepage of the topshop website xx

jill said...

Ha, littletilly: I LOVE this comment! That is so exactly what our world is like right now: the way we all can transit from thinking about something as profound as what's going on in Egypt, to who is the middle model on the Topshop website. Thank you for stopping by. xx

jill said...

p.s. savez i love that thought, and Izis :)) to you too!