starting at the end and working backwards.

These were the last shots I took yesterday at Somerset House: my last show, KTZ, was also my very first - and there's something so special about a girl's first time. It was such a sweet sadness, cleaning out my locker (yes I got my cardigan, thank you!) and kissing goodbye to all my old friends and new - even Gigi the fabulous big bouncer in the entrance to the catwalk from the photographer's room - and then as I stepped out into the misty, beautiful post rain twilight, who should I see alone and ending a conversation on the phone but Kris, a beautiful bad boy who is a 'new face' with Nevs.

A few snaps, and I was on my way.

I love how blogs move back in time when you read them. So it's only fitting that this one goes here today - anything I do now on LFW A/W 2011 will be earlier. If that makes sense.

Off to interview Gok Wan! Anything you want me to ask him?


Unknown said...

Brilliant photos, I can't believe you get to interview Gok Wan your so lucky!

ediot said...

thanks for sharing jil. i can't wait to see all your lfw posts. you take such great photos
hope you're having a good day dear!

Valentina A. said...


Check my blog... Amazing GIVEAWAY is coming!!!


PinkBow said...

looks amazing...one day i would like to get myself organised to come down to visit!

the nyanzi report said...

That second shot is just bananas! Insane!!!

adrielleroyale said...

Great shots - it's kinda funny that his hair is wispy like the coat! ;)

Style Odyssey said...

beautiful bad boy, yes he is!
get some much needed rest and i look forward to your backwards posts of LFW. ;)


styleeast said...

Starting with a shot of a handsome young chap is a good way to go! Hope you had fun with Gok. Totally forgot to ask you if you asked Christopher Kane my question the other day?! x

Style At Every Age said...

Can you please ask Gok to stop attaching loads of junk jewellery to his outfits on the show. Buy the time he has bought all the embellishments the outfits cost nearly as much as the designer versions but look cheap and nasty - Yuk, I've gone right off the programme.