black & blue

Three unrelated moments, united by a colour theme. From top: LFW Feb 2011 I think, then at a +J/Uniqlo launch (i.e. Jil Sander for Uniqlo, because I hope you do know, the Jil Sander brand is not designed by Jil Sander and she can't trade under her own name, a cautionary tale!), then back to LFW possibly Sept 2011.

I'm really into cool blue at the moment - denim, knits - with the crispness of black and white. It's like last year, how I felt about black, white and camel. Cool blue - Copenhagen blue - is, for me, the new Camel.

Speaking of Copenhagen... I'm torn - I don't know what to do - I was invited to cover Copenhagen Fashion Week, but I don't know if I have time to go. I lived in Denmark and went to the University of Copenhagen in my Junior year of college, and haven't been back since.. I really think I'll have to wait til September. Is by any chance anyone else going?


Style At Every Age said...

Lovely pictures, I am also loving blue this year, any shade will do xx

O D Y S S E Y said...

i say if you can find the time, go! september will probably be more hectic for you, with LFW and all.
i am enjoying your blue themed posts.

San said...

Okay, so you think you should wait till September, but how do you "feel" about Copenhagen. Would it excite you to go back there? Than go. Ask your stomach, if the stomach says go but the head says no(t yet), then go now. The stomach is almost always right. Besides I'd love to see your Copenhagen.

I really like the tights in the first picture, as a matter of fact I adore the whole picture.

Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Lauren@Styleseer said...

Lovely pictures, especially the first one!

Fashion Inciter said...

WOW that last one is pure genius. I absolutely love it. To DEAD. Those half lace leggings look so cool with that skirt and the boots. GREAT POST.

Anonymous said...

It's funny Jill, because I recently had a massive clearout and reorganised my wardrobe, sorting items by colour so their arranged in rainbow fashion, and the colours I have most of are white, black and blue! (And purple too actually!) I was really surprised that I won as many black clothes as I do because I've never considered myself as someone whose been into wearing a lot of black. I din't think I wore much white/cream either but there you go!

I have this fab electric blue shirt I bought on a whim from H&M two years ago, and I didn't wear it for a year and then it was never off me! It was only £8 and getting a bit bobbly now but I just love the colour so much. I have it in black too but I prefer the blue. It's so calming and reminds me of the sea.

As to Denmark, how cool a sentence is that?! "I've been invited to Copenhagen Fashion Week". Love it. Am trying to get back into blogging properly this year so have posted and done lots of reading and commenting today! Feel so much better for it - I hate it when life is so busy that I can't blog.

Alexandra xx

CoryB said...

copenhagen fashion week - how awesome is that? maybe you can find the time somehow? what does your gut tell you?

jill said...

That's the problem: my gut isn't talking! I'm not getting any clear cut gut communication! It's weird. I went to school in Denmark for a Junior semester in college - I LOVE Denmark - but there's all these things here... and now maybe something with the BBC.. I think I'm going to have to say no, but make a firm plan for next August.

You are all so sweet!! Thank you. I've got to run but I really am reading your comments and will hopefully get back to each of you, soon as I can.

Jessie in Fashion Limbo said...

Gotta go with what your gut's telling ya I guess. But then again sometimes you have to push yourself to do certain things, we can't be eager to do everything we want.

Take my case, I've just arrived in London, finding work to earn a living is being a nightmare, I'm living with family which is completely out of my comfort zone after years of having my own place. I'm feeling down and lonely, but today a friend - possibly my only friend in LDN - invited me to a girls night out where I won't know anyone. My immeadiate reaction, and i guess my gut too? was noo, I'll stay at home, watch some DVDs, hide. But then my head said "Jess, get yourself out there, even if you don't want, just go" So i said yes. Still unsure if it was my gut not wanting to go and my head saying yes, or the other way around... I may have a horrible time, or it may be great... I may even change my mind before the event... but then I'm a woman, and I guess that doesn't help :P