Kinder Aggugini, Somerset House.

Jim and Maryann's Chair, Tranquility Mills, NJ.

Palm Beach, Florida.

Photos by Jill.


O D Y S S E Y said...

i like all these blues you're doing lately. sparkling, yet soothing.

super busy few days, with new year's arrival and holidays over, i have hit the ground running!

re: wednesday, i completely forgot i have several things scheduled which i'd forgotten about. are you free to talk sometime thursday? friday?


Emily said...

I love that final photo of Palm Beach - I would like to be there right about now, please!! :) xxx

Tea Joeli said...

Great blog and pics.
Kisses from New York:)

Serea said...

love it!!! First photo is amazing! I have been in Miami 3 years ago, I would like came back some day....I hope!

SymbioticLife said...

so so gorgeous. thank you for sharing these.