jump from paper

I'm not, stylistically, a Red Person.

I like hot pink, and orange, especially in tandem - and when I feel a hankering to wear some red, I usually split it into the two tones, and wear them both (like one hand of orange nail varnish, the other hot, pure pink). And I forgot today was Valentine's Day - our dinner was all the leftovers I could find in the fridge, cause we're flying to Miami (and Palm Beach County, Florida) for a few weeks. TV on, husband watching the Simpsons. And I smiled and said 'how romantic' and he thought I was being sarcastic, but really, I wasn't. I was thinking how, for years, he'd buy me a dozen red roses cause he thought he should but really, I don't much like red. I've even been known to HIDE red things - not just at home, but at my mom's place... I prefer white, and natural wood, and some blue, and lovely pale turquoise, but not too wild about red.

But when I was sent press info from the people in Taiwan making JUMP FROM PAPER, and amazing line of canvas bags, and they said I could have one, to review - I jumped at the chance. And chose a RED one: the 'bowling bag' style. It arrived, UPS, within 48 hours, and I was blown away with the quality. It far exceeded my expectations: I LOVE this bag, so much so, I was telling all my friends. And now, I'm telling you.

You might think this is an odd pairing - streetstyle from fashion week a season or two back - a lovely girl named SIWEN JIAN, from 'DUCHANGTUAN/PARTY' but she's got that equestrian theme going. Jump. Get it? Oh, never mind. Speaking of which.. I really should start revising my 'jump' series. Well, there's time.

Great big thank you to the people from JUMP FROM PAPER.COM. And for those of you at fashion week in NY now, hope you're having fun, and for those going to London, I hope you have fun. Now it's time to start packing.


O D Y S S E Y said...

the bag really is cute. :)
true red's not normally my thing, either. i hated it as a child, then grew to appreciate it when used sparingly.
florida again, that sounds nice! i hope there's good weather for you.
catch up soon, if you get a chance to skype or phone stateside...
safe travels, J! xo

Anonymous said...

Not a red person?!!

Um, I may have to break up with you and your blog for a bit. :)


jill said...

; ) that's okay... you can always make up, I'm quite a forgiving person.

Thanks S! Speak soon xox

San said...

This bag is crazy (crazy good that is), it looks like it is right out of a comic. I'm so looking forward to you styling it.

Have fun in Florida. I'd love to go to the sea now.

I didn't like red until last year, then I went totally color crazy. Red, Turqoise, pink, teal blue, emerald and apple green, orange, you name it, I love it.

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Jill, thank you for the introduction to this label! I am a big fan of canvas bags and this bowling model is really nice, and it has the perfect colour combination. (I know I may sound weird, but when I saw the pictures I thought it was a drawing!)

mtg said...

Can't wait to get mine in the mail!!
Have a great trip :)

Matthew Spade said...

i'm not usually into red either, i don't mind accessories in it or dark red but i dunno. that bag really does mess with my mind, is it flat, does it pop out? how much can you get in it, my brain is trying to answer these questions in milliseconds.

the harris tweed story you told was very interesting, that was before i was really old enough to be bothered with clothes. so what happened in the end, did you guys invest in the company? they seem to be doing grand now, they are very important to us brits you are so right.

i haven't seen or heard of Last Train Home but i'll get hollie to get it on her lovefilm, or did she change to netflix hmm. either way i'll try get hold of a copy. i know, it's tricky, i don't no buy clothes from china and not all things from there are bad are they. just we need to consider what we do buy and not waste.

put me in touch with this chap, go for it!

Anonymous said...

what a cool quirky blog - just launched designer kaftans www.bluemojito.co.uk and lovely embellished tunics - let us know what you think

Unknown said...

Love the bag
don't forget to check out the giveaway post on http://livvyy.blogspot.com/2012/03/giveaway-happy-birthday-to-me.html


Alexandra said...

the bag is truly amazing...

Halloween said...

I found it. it's so cute.


Mkn said...

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