in defence of sorbet (have a banana)

When I was asked by the Observer/Guardian to talk to them about StreetStyle for their piece not long ago (link's on my sidebar, if you're curious), one of the questions was 'what's the most annoying trend this season?' While I laughed and felt it was a great question, I didn't feel that I was up to speed on trends, having spent less time in the blogosphere in 2012, and more in the real world. So I asked my friend Pearl.

Within minutes, she came back with 'Pastels.' And then I realised: oh yes, that's what the mainstream media has been banging on about. Pastels, sorbet colours.. which I've always liked, always owned and worn, especially in winter. So when they then added to the brief that we'd have to be shot - by one of their own photographers - and they asked me to wear something 'glamourous and trendy', I suddenly found myself in a muddle. Because I just have this aversion to the concept of 'trendy': it gives me the heebie jeebies. I mean, I understand that's meant to be the whole point of our blogs, but I really don't give a toss about trends. And when all these PR people send me their PR stuff to 'share with my readers..' I just don't want to be part of that machinery. Don't want to be a cog in that wheel.

What I was always interested in - since childhood - was the way trends moved naturally. Organically. Like the way my friends and I would wake up on a Tuesday and all feel like wearing lime green, without planning ahead. Like there was a lime green meme in our head. And I understand, I respect, that what most women (and some men) want is to be told what to wear - they want to fit in. Fair enough. But since what I'm drawn to is STYLE, to me that feels like the opposite of following 'trends'. Especially since I've noticed that the Industry cannot dictate what we women want to wear.

Case in point: harem pants. Remember them? Of course not. They were meant to be huge (well, literally: they were) back in the Spring of 2009, when I started my blog. And I ranted and ranted and ranted about the trend.. anyway, I'm wondering if pastels and sorbets and ice cream colours are this season's harem pants. Because I'm not seeing them on the street. Except on me.

Ironically, in my conversations with the Guardian editor about what to wear for the shoot, when I brought up pastels she leapt at it. Yes, please, wear pastels. So I did. Head to toe on a freezing cold day and the shoot was so unlike what we streetstyle shooters do: it was all 'turn your foot that way, no that way', til I nearly fell over several times. And it was so not a good look. Because the truth is, we can't wear it head to toe because we're not, you know, six years old. Still, a bit of sorbet, in moderation, can be a good thing, I feel.

Shot this in passing, stepping into the glorious sunshine after the V&A Design show. More of which coming up.


Alexandra said...

Oh Jill, I am with you every step of the way here. I think the reason I feel so at home when reading your blog is that you aren't out to shoot all the models who have just walked straight off the catwalk onto the streets of London in ridiculously expensive and on trend designer wear and instead you capture the essence of London style and individuality. I for one cannot emulate the catwalk looks and I don't really want to - I'm far happier roaming around in my vintage and charity shop amalgamations and if they happen to tick a trend box I just see that as a bonus/coincidence.

Take pastels - I don't own a single pastel 'item' because since revision kicked in I've only been shopping once and that was yesterday to a fabulous local vintage boutique where I acquired a brilliant original 60s white mini dress with matching coat. I can't wait for the summer to appear so I can wear it. That is my style and that's what I'll be wearing this summer. My wardrobe is dictate by what the people of my town donate to the charity shops, what the vintage shops have in stock and the amount of money in my purse! And as long as I'm happy with the situation then that's all that matters. Can't wait to see your v and a post xx

O D Y S S E Y said...

ahh, that dreaded word and concept, "trendy". i have no clue what's trendy at the moment. and that is so liberating! and i really don't shop or browse, except on rare occasions that i might tag along with a friend who's shopping. i search and buy with purpose, not to experiment with a "look". those days are over. :)

it always bothers me when well-meaning friends call me trendy (ugh, cringe) or worst yet, a (bleh!) fashionista. just...no.

i am myself. not a fashionista. not a trend-wearer or trend-seeker. and neither, thank god, are you.

as we grow older, we have been through the need to be trendy. style is what's left; freedom to be ourselves.

i look forward to seeing more of what you have from the design show!


Jessie in Fashion Limbo said...

I do like the pastel trend, but not everyone can work it, and that's the painful truth, that not all trends are for everyone. Harem pants, never got close to them, scary things they were hehehehhee

Love these pictures and the pastel shoes are incredibly pretty :)

San said...

I never liked pastels (or "nude" tones for that matter). Give me strong colors any day.

What is funny to me is that I'm always years ahead of the "trend", which makes it kinda hard to get the clothes that I want. Well at the moment I have a clothes shopping stop for the next 96 days anyway. Only exception might be a blue jeans.

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Hi Jill! It's wonderful that you have Style and are not a cog in the wheel to trend pushers. One thing I've discovered in this last year of blogging is how much people (bloggers) are becoming more comfortable with who they are, refusing to become slaves to trends. Or is that more due to the selection of blogs I have stuck to reading? Whichever it is, it's given me the courage not to look at fashion magazines or runway reports for the last 6 months and not feel bad about it! So I really have no clue what current trends are, except what I see occasionally from blog posts.

The weather in London seems much better than our spring showers over here. I love the sunshine in your shots! xxx