perfect couple

I have no idea who this couple is, but I was watching them interact for a while, while we were listening to this great guitar player. In a room crammed fill of beautiful girls, this was one of the few - perhaps the only one - who had a boyfriend. A hot boyfriend. Who was clearly smitten with him. I watched the way she kept his attention: she looked smart, and fun, but also, she looked interesting, and, crucially, interested in him. She had him in the palm of her hand: just as she got his total attention, she'd become mysteriously aloof. Like a cat with a mouse. Genius.

So we were driving to Brighton this weekend (Happy Easter everyone! And Passover: am I the only one who thinks it's rare and quite amazing that the holidays fall on exactly the same time? The Last Supper being, in fact, a Sedar). We were going to see our friends' first born son, a beautiful baby boy named Matthew, for the first time. He is three weeks old. And I was telling my husband about how happy I am that a close friend is back with her boyfriend, having listened to my advice.

'You know I don't give a toss about these things,' he said, while cutting off 'some bastard' that he was having a some kind of driving contest with on the M23. 'What things?' 'Relationships.' But he did concede that I was very good at it: giving relationship advice, and all that crap, and next thing I knew, he was coming up with a new career for me. A private relationship coach.

I thought about it: I mean, I really love it. Talking with women about relationships. It's pretty much all I do, or think about. And it's true: I am rather good at it. 'They'd have to never, ever meet you,' I pointed out. 'If they did - if they ever saw us together...' I couldn't even finish the thought. 'Physician, heal thyself.'

The other guy was passing, so my husband sped up, got in front, and slowed down, just to piss him off. 'I'd need a name, of course..' I mused. 'Jack and Jill?'

'How about the Relationship Doctor?' he suggested. (This is the guy who came up with StreetStyle London, btw). 'No, honey,', I laughed, 'You're not really good with names.' They we started arguing about that for a while, which segued into that it was his idea in the first place, and missed the turnoff. Which was my fault.

So what do you think? Is it a good idea? Any suggestions for a company name? He told me to I ask on my blog - yes, this post was his idea, too. I'm illustrating it with shots from a party last year at Selfridges, for Havaianas.


Ana Frost said...

" Ask Jill " ;-) xxx

slowdownapproaching30 said...

Not sure about a name! But I can vouch for your advice having been a recipient myself! Hope you enjoyed the Easter break. X

Alexandra said...

It's an interesting idea for a business, definitely Jill. You don't want to go for something that makes you sound like a psychic so stay away from anything like "the miracle worker" I reckon. Play around with some ideas, although "private relationship coach" sounds a little boring it does what it says on the tin so maybe try and come up with a spin off from that. xx

p.s. have emailed you x

LeahB said...

Dr. Dot, Liaison for Your Liaisons

adrielleroyale said...

LOL!! I like LeahB's!!! Liaison for Your Liaisons, genius!! And hey if people wind up happy because of your advice, then why not? Who says you can't buy happiness?? ;P

jill said...

These are brilliant! Thank you. I'm no Simon Cowell - I could never grant a 'winner' because I'd worry too much about hurting the 'losers' feelings - but I'm thinking now.. I've got things, things I've been given in the life of my blog.. I cringe at the idea of 'giveaways' but now I'm thinking... maybe I could pair a giveaway to these entries.. definitely LeahB because I think I have to use this!

I wonder how one sets up shop? Maybe I just put a little thingy on my sidebar.. hmm. Seeds are sown.

Thank you!! xox

LeahB said...

Nah, no giveaway needed here!
I do hope you go ahead with your idea... I think you'd be great at it!

O D Y S S E Y said...

Brilliant idea! Go for it. :)
I like Ana's idea (first commenter), simply "Ask Jill".
This couple...the photos...they remind me of the early days when J and I were dating.

Anonymous said...

i know what you're trying to say, but it's not rare that easter falls during passover. if you google the crucifixion you'll find out that jesus was crucified during passover on purpose. that was when huge numbers of jews were gathered in jerusalem, so it was the best time to make an example out of jesus. if it wasn't passover, they certainly would have killed him during another jewish holiday for that reason.

C. Mills said...

the guy in the couple photo is the actor harry treadaway. he was brilliant in andrea arnold's Fish Tank, and I agree he is HOT. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2016685/