that bling bling sound

'Why people think I'm fashion icon. I'm really fashion victim.' - Anna Dello Russo.

 And now she's designed an accessory line for H&M! Fabulous accessories: OTT and cheap and bling. Watch the video (thank you, Grazia): she KILLS me.

 'Ah, somebody ring-a...'

 I love her voice. Her joy for life. The way she genuinely LOVES fashion. The way she dangles her fabulously oversized charm bracelet (I could SO wear that, with everything) and reveres its tinkling sound.'They make a sound, this BLING BLING'.. Anna's zest for life, her enthusiasm, her exhibitionism balanced with such a genuinely humble sense of self depreciating humour.. while I can't say that I live for fashion - I live for people - I can tell that she is also very much a people person. Her friendships - like with the Dolce & Gabanna boys - seem very warm, very generous.

But I can relate to how she feels about living for fashion fashion. Because I also live for ART. For the sheer life force of creativity. After all: isn't God the ultimate Creator? So when we create, in a sense, we are in touch with our concept of a god. Or, goddess. And in that sweet little 2:44 minute video, what is conveyed, for me (besides an urge to write, and think, with an Italian accent), is that enthusiasm, that reverence, for the creative process. Whether it's a painting or a film or book, or a piece of furniture that inspires us, or a clutch, or a piece of jewellry.

So when H&M asked her to design something, she chose accessories. Of course. Gold over the top sandals, and big chains, and fabulous 'swimming pool aqua' and gold clutches. Any of which - being cheap and cheerful - would so work as a foil, a visual counterpoint, to my simple Virgo style.

And I love the way she genuinely loves, and takes care of, her fashion collection. And, having just been in H&M yesterday, and wanting everything I saw, you can bet your bottom dollar I am so going to check out Anna Dello Russo's wares.

 'That is my mission: I am like the guardian of fashion.'

 Photo, by me, at Somerset House, last September. Read more about ADR at H&M at GRAZIA.


O D Y S S E Y said...

while anna dello russo's style is vastly different than mine, i can't help but admire this woman! i mean to say that i get it - her aesthetic, her way of dressing. and i like what she has to say. she has an infectious joie de vivre.
her h&m collaboration is sure to be a success.
*btw, it's dello. ;)

jill said...

Oops! ; ) Thanks S!

I keep doing that! Will amend asap. And yes, I feel the exact same way. Thanks xox

Inês Tavares said...

i didn't really like Anna Dello Russo, to be honest... she seemed to me so not a good person, you know ... but your text totally changed my opinion about her ! just loved the post , thank you !

Anonymous said...

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