FINALLY: Merry Old England has woken up, smelled the coffee, and realised it's summer.

I've come out from my streetstyle retirement - doing a little project for a collaboration with Elle people in LA - but I was shooting mostly under wintry conditions. Until this weekend!

Shot these at the V&A - the fountain pump was clogged, and some lovely men spent most of the day in the heat, sorting it out. As it started to fill, you could practically hear this song playing, in your head:

My only question is, what are you doing inside? Soon as I hit 'publish', I'm out of here!

Have a lovely lovely day, dear people, wherever you are. xoxo


daisychain said...

Amazing shots Jill darling xo

O D Y S S E Y said...

Congrats on your project collab w/ Elle LA. Looking forward to the results, hoping you'll post a link or other info when it's ready. :)
Very glad summer came to England! I was getting concerned for you..I know summer is precious when it's fleeting.
We are stuck indoors for the most part. It is TOO hot for outdoor pursuits until sometime October, I'm afraid.
Enjoy your perfect weather!

Veshoevius said...

Isn't the weather wonderful? Happy to hear your news about Elle LA - good for you! I'm off to Andalusia again this week - in the meanwhile - pancakes?

jill said...

Yes please: Pancakes!! And I was just gushing about Andalusia to my friend in Richmond yesterday.

And yes I agree S: summer is precious when it's fleeting. But yesterday, in the heat - and wanting to jump into the Thames in Richmond - I could see how the novelty could wear a bit thin after a while. It's only fun for me if I can actually swim.

And thank you, dear Daisy! ; ) xoxo

mtg said...

it's been so hot here in Tn, it's hard to believe London is just now getting into the summer...
Can't wait to see the results of your street style shots!