flora & fauna

flo·ra  (flôr, flr)
n. pl. flo·ras or flo·rae (flôr, flr)
1. Plants considered as a group, especially the plants of a particular country, region, or time.
2. A treatise describing the plants of a region or time.
3. The bacteria and other microorganisms that normally inhabit a bodily organ or part: intestinal flora.

fau·na  (fôn)
n. pl. fau·nas or fau·nae (-n)
1. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Animals, especially the animals of a particular region or period, considered as a group.
2. A catalog of the animals of a specific region or period.

Funnily: it seems the more determined I am to give blogging a break - give street shooting a break - I just can't seem to shut my blogging brain off. Not bringing my camera with me when I'm out is no use: I've still got a camera on my phone. And while my part of London ('leafy South Kensington') is pretty much a dead zone right now - everyone, literally, is away, or if they're here, they're hiding inside so no one knows what a loser they are for not being away on holiday, or rather, for not owning a holiday home somewhere warm.

However, the few people I do see, I can't help noticing one particular trend right now: floral jeans. So while I'm not showing you any here, I'm letting you use your imagination. Jeans plus florals equals, etc.

I have a few theories why this trend is catching on. First: it's new. Which means, if you're seen wearing floral print jeans, it means they're not vintage, and you haven't shopped your closet. And everyone likes something new. The other thing is, if you're sporting floral print jeans, chances are, they're not your only pair. They're not your 'go to' jeans, the way I am with my current favourite, my ankle length slightly cropped wonderfully comfortable white DL1961 pair, from the Raw Denim Bar. Floral print - or, say, the Fauna version, i.e. snakeskin - shows you can be a bit frivolous. Bit impractical. It's an extravagance, I feel, buying print jeans. They won't go with everything.

But that, I guess, is kind of the point.

Where do you stand? Are you a pattern person, jeans wise? Or a purist. A minimalist. And if you go print, are you a Flora, or a Fauna?

Photos by me, shot on my phone. And since I don't have instagram (does anyone know: can we get it if we don't have an iPhone?) I take the longer route and make things in photoshop. The fauna reference is a tiny detail that I didn't notice when I was leaving the cinema: a dog print. Or so it seems. But it must have been a whopping big old dog.


Pearl said...

Much I as I like to admire jeans on others they just don't like me. Although I did get tempted by a pair with stars on I saw the other day. I like all the printed and coloured ones around lately. Really beautiful roses. xx

Veshoevius said...

The first photo would make such a great print on a dress - Jill you can get Instagram on phones other than the iphone - they just have to be Android phones. New Samsung Galaxy for example.
I'm all for flora!

Unknown said...

love your site! :)
please check out mine! :)


jill said...

Oh thanks, V: mine's a Samsung but I think it's too old, alas. Next phone I'm definitely getting an iPhone. Mine is Smart, but I think perhaps too smart.

Yeah that's the other thing about print jeans, Pearl: I forgot to add, they really aren't very flattering to any shape. It's almost ilke - like the girl I saw yesterday - you're wearing them to say 'my legs/thighs/butt/hips are so thin I can afford to make them appear 6x the size!' ; )

adrielleroyale said...

I'm pretty sure I would never buy a floral or fauna print pair of jeans lol! Number 1, my husband would shun me and Number 2, it would draw too much attention to the largest area of my body which I always try and minimize :) And like you said, they would be very impractical. :)