Typing in haste: we're off to deepest Herefordshire, Birthday BBQ for my father-in-law.

A year or so back, I had loved a private catwalk show at Vogue stylist Charlotte Stockdale's AMAZING house - a competition hosted by the French lingerie company, Triumph - this is the winning design. So when one of their people asked me yesterday to spread the word that the first hundred women and girls to go for a fitting at their new Westfield Stratford store will get a beautiful pair of black lace knickers, free, I thought, why not. Life's too short not to get a pair of knickers with a twist. For free.

But now my husband is calling 'Jill. Jill. Hurry up.'

Ah, Marriage. The Fulfillment. The Hopes. The Ambition. The Clothes. The Shoes. The Flirting. The Seduction.

The Grace.


Stephanie Clayton said...

Knickers with a twist (hopefully not in a twist), ha! Well, as long as they're free...
Have a lovely weekend, Jill. xo

Alexandra said...

Jill, feel like I haven't read your blog for an eternity! IN fact that is the first blog comment I've written in ages - all 21 of my exams are now finally over and my summer is in full swing. Hope you have a lovely time in Herefordshire; I only went to Hay for a day this year but there's something very magical about attending a festival held in such beautiful surroundings. I definitely want to go again nest year and fingers crossed for longer! As to this post I find it a clever idea to embroidery words on lingerie in a way which doesn't make the garment look cheap and tacky but classy and honest instead. Hope you're having a wonderful summer Jill! Alexandra xx