i am camera: sewlomax

This is such an amazing time to be alive.

Epic the-world-is-ending storms, and yet nearly everyone survives.. and then a Presidential election where the Fate of the Entire World is hanging on the balance.

But we all have our cross to bear: some friends are still without heat, or power, and some people have lost their homes.  Mine is that my camera broke. It is inoperable. I am in mourning, but have been assured by the lovely Greek man who tried to save it, Kriton Chris Krimitos, that the cause of death - while technically being the shutter breaking down - was really that I wore it down. I literally wore it into the ground, through use. Which heartens me somewhat: my Canon EOS (which sounds Greek actually) really did have a good innings.

But when God closes a door, He or She opens a window, and just I lost my camera, I received this lovely handmade bespoke camera bag from SEW LOMAX, which was created by Emma Lomax, and her site is the most adorable, clever, charming site I've seen in a long long time. (I shot this, incidentally, with my phone). And she sent it because she's good mates with the girlfriend of one of the two Toms who are behind LookBible.

Which is pretty friggin' amazing. Just at a time when the world is seeming rather Biblical - what are the odds? - LookBible is launched.

LookBible, for those who don't yet know about it, is an invite-only social platform, recently launched, which is purely for fashion and trends - like a private Pinterest, only better. I had been feeling rather.. flat lately, about blogging - I have all these photos I want to show, but I don't have the time to post, or to visit all the blogs I'd love to visit - but this is pure visual. With quick links to the post. And everything's connected by tags.. I'm really excited about it. I've only just started loading photos - it's so easy, you have your own button.. I'm too delirious from seeing the election results at a party at the American Embassy here in London to properly explain: sorry, I'm not making any sense, but just go to the site, and ask for an invite. Tell them that Jill sent you. 


ODYSSEY said...

I must check out that new platform! Thanks for letting us know.
Sorry your camera died. A back-up (as you know) is always good to have on hand.

Veshoevius said...

Oh sorry to hear about your camera Jill! How frustrating - but overuse must be a noble cause of death! Having dropped it or something would have been even more frustrating!

jill said...

Thank you, both, dear friends!

Ironically I do have a back up, which I hadn't gotten to work (we bought it used, and didn't realise how old it was) but I've just bought the 1GB card on eBay (they're obsolete) and now I just need to learn how to work it. Fingers crossed the uploader works with it.

And yes - S - V - you'd both love LookBible. You'd take to it like a duck to water. In fact I'll see if I can send you a friend's invite.. it's like this wonderful secret club.

Gail said...

I still can't get over the election - and I'm English :) Very happy.

Wishing you luck with the new camera, and lots of amazing new photos.