golden slumbers

A kind of sweet irony: my theme for today's post was photos of Ischia bathed in golden light - because after all, that's all that summer holidays come down to, the cool blue of water, the warmth of the sun - and then the start of this song made me cry. Once there was a way to back homeward.

Sad beyond words that we won't be going home this summer. There will be other beaches, other pools, but still.

All shot at the Hotel Vittorio, Maroni Beach, Ischia. As before. And hopefully, again.


Mona said...

sorry to hear you're not heading this way...was hoping to reconnect with you somehow!

jill said...

Me too, Mona. Thank you. xox

Milena said...

these are beautiful shots. Thank you for sharing them with us.

référencement pas cher said...

belle photos!! bel endroit