hot pink, lime green, orient point

Another colour combo I find pleasing to the eye (when I'm not into turquoise, aqua, white, nude, black, camel, sea foam, or khaki, that is) - when I'm in the mood for something bright - is hot pink with lime green. Add some tangerine and hey, presto: tropical sunshine colours. Shot these yesterday on a road trip with Mr. D to the end of the North Fork: Orient Point.

Hot pink tee shirt with tangerine reverse peace symbol by my friend Annie for her company Peace Power Tees, which she donated profits to charities. The design might have been inspired by me, or another friend, or both: neither of us knows for sure. Swimsuit seersucker shorts - as last summer - by Isaac Mizrahi for some really cheap company, perhaps Target. Brown flip flops, Muji.

Speaking of pointing: shot this the day before at the most amazing hummingbird once annual event, literally next door to our beach. This particular shot felt surreal, Kodacolour (they're DISCONTINUING it, I'm gutted!) - haven't touched the shot, apart to crop it a bit, but it reminds me of something, some childhood memory. The coincidences at the Hummingbird Place were so freaky for me, personally, that I can't even go into it now. Mr. Dot's getting antsy for another road trip, perhaps this time to Wading River. So much to explore. Ooh sun's out might just have to go for a swim.


Rosalind said...

The weather looks so divine over there! Could you send us over a bit of sun, especially as I'm meant to be goingto a music festival tomorrow? Haha.
Great striped shorts - vertical stripes have a very classic and slightly quirky feel to them. I have to say, when I saw the title I was reminded of a sixties photo I have pinned up on my shelves - a model in a pink and green striped two piece suit, with a matching umbrella and background! I'm not sure of the photographer..
It looks like you've been having an amazing holiday.


Carrott said...

I love these pictures. You look so happy. It looks like you're having fun! xxx

the style crusader said...

jill, this location you are at looks so achingly beautiful! love the shots of you in the seersucker! so adorable. always glad to have a little peak into your adventures. xx

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

you look so happy and lively, the colours suit you perfectly! these shots are beautiful, the composition and colours in the last picture are lovely. plus the little girl looks ever so adorable.


styleeast said...

I love your holiday photos, they're making me feel so wistful about fresh air, sunshine and the seaside. Lovely x

Anonymous said...

That last photo also reminds me of a distant family photo. Just simply lovely. Also I am really loving lime green as a colour now, I'm thinking of painting my bedroom walls in it!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a fantastic vacation. Sun, sand, sea, searsucker (which happens to be one of the most fun fabrics ever)! I suspect that I won't reach you until you're back in the UK, although I will try, but your time is better spent enjoying the gorgeous place you're in with the people you're with. Mr. Dot has a knack for the photo shoot. They are lovely shots. And I agree with bloggista who commented on the amazing composition of the hummingbird shot. It's so gorgeously literary/cinematic, right down to the 2 chairs off in the background, facing out onto the sea. - Anonymous Lisa