I've been having the strangest dreams. I've been dreaming of the sea, homesick for the view from my parents' summer home deck, and having images of dresses in shades of vague, turquoise, pale mint, lime green.

When I arrived in the Dominican Republic, at the wonderful house on the sea that my friend Annie was renting (where I took this stormy shot), she said that it was strange sleeping there, at first: our bedrooms, facing the sea, felt like we were on the bow of a ship. More so: at times, in the night, under the graceful mosquito net on the big white bed in the big creamy, dream-like room with a view.. it felt at times like I was falling into the sea.

So I've been playing around with images (this, from one of my catwalk shots at Graduate Fashion Week in June), and here's the spooky part: Nathalie Tunna was one of my favourites, if not top favourite, of the whole show. I was sure I'd been doing posts on galore. And yet.. I can't find a single one. Very strange.

Speaking of dreams: Has anyone seen Inception? My Man saw it while I was dreaming in the DR. He said we must see it together. We just did. It's wonderful.


Miki said...

I had the strangest drems right before my mom's second death anniversary; really twisted dreams. I'm glad they're gone!

Maybe you can wrtie stories about your dreams!

I haven't seen "Inception", yet. My best friend did and she liked it, too.

Have a nice day!


styleeast said...

I saw it and loved it - not as confusing as people say!

You must be having dreams because your mind's still readjusting from being in holiday mode! x

Adele said...

Dreams can be absolutely mental sometimes! I have seen Inception! And I thought it was amazng!

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DeZine said...

oh yes Inception...that movie was quite incredible! it blew my mind! ever since, though, i've been having strange dreams! haha....:)
visit my blog? i enjoy taking photos too...

Julianne said...

i really love that dress!

the style crusader said...

jill, that photo is awesome. i love what you've done with it. and i absolute love that dress! stunning. just saw inception with fred last night after so many attempts at going (too long a line/too tired/etc) and i absolutely loved it. i thought it was incredible. loved how there were so many things going on all at once and yet it all came together so well. a bit like life maybe? xx

jill said...

Thank you - each of you. I agree (jennifer/styleeast) I didn't think it was confusing, either - made total sense to me ; )

Will take a look @ your blog soon as I send this, Mirror, thank you. And Jen that's so funny that you saw it last night, too. Yeah, bit like life! xo

Hedvig said...

Oh a beautiful image indeed Jill!

I loved Inception, watched it a month ago and now I feel ready to see it again, not many movies manage to put me back in the seat so quickly after seeing them. It was beautiful, dreamy and confusing and as the movie ended I was left with the thoughts of what is actually reality, the same questions that Matrix and Avatar gave me the first time. I don't thinks is for everyone though.......

SabinePsynopsis said...

What a beautiful and strange place. Yes, I can imagine that induces strong dreams.
We wanted to see Inception today, but 'the man' isn't feeling well... Soon! (I've only heard good things)

DeZine said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog & following! I really appreciate it :)
Yes, it was an inspriation I had the other day to design an outfit for Barbie and do a "photoshoot"--I figured it would be easier than making an actual outfit or something! :)
I tagged you for a blog tag/award thing, if you want to do it. :)