pale indigo & p.g. tips

It is really cold here in London, cold and dark and wintry and raining. We were going to go camping to a really beautiful part of Cornwall, near St. Ives, but we're scrapping that plan. My Old Man, Mr. D, just said 'there's nothing better than drinking a cup of tea when it's raining' and I realised, he really, really doesn't feel about swimming and summer like I do.

Someone actually sent me an Anonymous comment - I've just come across it - a few weeks ago, she (or he, more likely a she) was pissed off that google had sent her to my blog for street style, and I'd let her down. I'd have offered her money back except I didn't know how to reach her.

The truth is: I'm just not feeling it on the streets at the moment. EVERYONE is away and if they're not, they're just trying not to catch pneumonia. I was actually stranded in a Cafe Nero today, Mr. D, bless his cotton socks, arrived with a waterproof hooded mac. Now THAT's love.

Actually, why I am writing all this? There's no one to read it - you're all off, no doubt, in sunny climes. This is one of the few shots I got since I'm back, when we were going to see a GREAT French film (Heartbreaker: seriously, don't miss it). She was outside Sophie's on Fulham Road, I didn't ask this girl's name or where she got her top, I just like that blue. I love those kind of colours against lush dark backgrounds. That's really all I've got to say, I promise there will be more style WHEN I FIND SOME. Meanwhile, it's back to my P.G Tips.


the style crusader said...

she is totally channeling an angelina vibe. the long limbs, dark hair, aviators... if you told me it was her i might have believed it. love the colours in her top too. that comment someone left you is pretty funny. why would you bother to leave a comment? just go back to the search results and click on the next option... geeeeeeeesh. post what you want to lady - if it's p.g. tips or street style. i'll come back either way - and wont ever ask for my money back. xx

Hannah said...

I love your pictures (and that's not one of those "everyday-I-love"s people use far too often these days), the way you capture the mood is very inspiring! Her shirt is gorgeous too!
Thank you for making my day!

Blindcopy said...

ooooh, and i was just wondering where she got her top from. she's got a great style. so effortlessly cool.

and don't let anyone anonymous bother you. i find the comment silly and funny, actually. wonder if she/he also complaint to google for failing her streetstyle search.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I find it quite funny that someone got so peeved off at not finding some street style on a street style blog that they bothered to write an anonymous comment. Haha!

But please don't give up the street style, even though people aren't inspiring you right now? I can't really blame the people of London, the weather is messing us about so we have NO clue what to wear!


SabinePsynopsis said...

I'm not surprised that you are 'not feeling it', the weather is D E P R E S S I N G, and I guess scrapping the Cornwall trip is not the worst idea.
A veeery weird comment. Are you obliged to deliver? Isn't this your blog and you can do with/on it whatever you want?? Anyway, I love what I see, and I rather have you post what's close to your heart than following a strict routine.
And Jill, we DO have to meet! We will, I'm sure!


Your first official complaint! You've made it! Haha.

I completely agree with you on the streetstyle front, I've pretty much stopped carrying my camera around with me. I think all the fabulous people have left the country, the rest of us are too hot/too lazy in 'holiday mode' to dress ourselves properly (I have been guilty). So congrats on finding this girl; I love how she's anonymous, the aloofness makes her even more chic.

I was hoping to catch you at the Style Bubble yard sale last week but, alas. Somerset house is calling...3 weeks!


Chuck said...

I'm reading this...

Style Odyssey said...

Mmmm, PG Tips tea!! Memories of the BVI...I bought that in Rite Way, one of our few supermarkets.
I understand totally about street style. People here seem summer-weary. And I think by this time of year, people are either having a late summer holiday, or just not feeling fashion-y. Same for me! I haven't done a proper outfit post in ages, and yet....it doesn't seem to matter. You should do what you feel- it's your blog, after all. :) You know I'm a fan (of your blog AND of you- I'm sure I speak for many) no matter what.
Talk soon? xo

Style Odyssey said...

Gosh, Jill, I meant to add: Lovely girl! That shade of blue was meant to be worn on pale brunettes. Nice shots, as always. xo