still waters run deep

You know those tests that used to go around in emails, or somewhere.. you know what I mean, the type where you have to choose 'beach' or 'lake'? I'd have the hardest time deciding. I love them both, and both produce such different colours.

But I must say, there is an aspect of summer that pulls at me even more than the beach, and that's that deep, deep mystery of places that have lakes, rivers, deep forests.. memories of summer camp, of that heady mix of nature, the unknown, unknowable world of boys: cute boys, those wild, untamed creatures, so unlike us, who played sports well and moved with such swagger, and lived in the bunks way across the lake. During the day, they pretended they didn't know us, but at night, in the dark, they'd steal across campus and 'raid' the girls' bunks, waking us in the night with a kiss. Then steal back to the other side of the lake.

Ah, yes, the lake. All the mystery in the world can be found in a summer lake.

I've been wanting to do this post for a while, even before I saw Jen's lush shots of her husband & photographer, Dr. Crusader, aka Freddy ('the man behind the camera'). I know this is going to have to be part of a series of posts, because I am obsessed not just with a colour scheme right now, but textures: forest green, soft brown leather and fur, purples and clarets and all kinds of blues, indigo and deepest midnight and the bright pop of a little neon green and even turquoise. Maybe it's just because it's so cold and wet, that I can't even think of wearing the shades of white and palest faded pastels that I was wearing on holiday. Or maybe it's just the memory of the one consolation to summer ending: that back-to-school frisson of excitement about winter clothes. Burgundy jumpers. Dark green corduroy.

Whatever the reasons, I'm starting to wear those colours now. I find myself making combinations in my head: I'm in a world of clarets and navys and deep, deep greens. I was flipping thru old photos to try to find examples of what I mean, but I haven't seen much in the past year that looks like what I plan to wear, what I expect to see (I just read today something about Stella McCartney and a forest green blouse: that's the girl!)

These from my first photo shoot, last October, with Georgie and Estelle, in Regent's Park. The other photos are from our wonderful friends' Jim and Maryann's mill house, in Tranquility, NJ, and some - like Annie's shoulder in the rain- from the Dominican Republic.

Which are you today: deep dark lake, or sunny sandy sea?


the style crusader said...

i think i am a mix of both today... and probably will be for the coming week. feel a mix of excitement and total panic over my deadline... lightness and heaviness... beach and lake.

really still craving that fur (faux is ok) jacket i was after around christmas last year. do you remember? faux leopard, even though i know everyone felt over it last year, is something i really want. it feels right.

p.s. hope you got to swim this weekend.

styleeast said...

Fantastic selection of photos, great colours. And you've got me excited for winter, cosy jumpers in berry colours and lots of warm layers! Not that summer's over yet of course, oh no, this is just a blip...

Hope you had a lovely day today and that my phonecall didn't disturb you, just wanted to check you weren't on way only to find we'd disappeared when you arrived!

Let's catch up soon FFF#2! xx

DeZine said...

sunny sandy sea...probably because i went sun bathing today next to the sandy beach :]
i love your photos, especially the teacup with beads!

Adorngirl said...

Definitely bit of both just like the crusader there. started off with a real high as was thesuuny sandy sea coz of that blogger yard sale, but by the afternoon became really tired as it's sunday it's like my body just says you were tired all week, you must sleep now, so I became like the deep dark lake, and had some much needed rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm edging more towards deep lake colours right now. I think my excitement for summer has been had and want to now just curl up in bed with cocoa and something velvet.


Anonymous said...

Gaaah! (as my daughter would say). You've just shown me my new favourite house in the world. I love that mill house. What a dreamy Arcadian scene.

Anonymous said...

beautiful..but always love the sunny sandy sea...sounds more fun and happier to be around! around the lakes, too many mosquito's for my taste! hehe

really enjoy this photoshoot, great color scheme!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Such wonderful pictures - full of subtle textures and colours. I had hoped we might meet a Susie Bubble's yard sale today, but alas, I've got a hunch you found more weather consolation in these photographs. xo

Anonymous said...

Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose (ref. James Taylor). Definitely still lake. And that's the house I want to live in! - Lisa (Dot US)

Kazuko said...

oh, this is so beautiful. a little creepy at the same time (the house at the lake) - but beautifully creepy. i love parks.

and as for the colours - i'm also into dark green (and dark blue) at the moment. must be the time of the year. ;)

istarblog said...

lovely pix

finkalixius said...

awesome..love the shots