hot pink: julie's choice

Julie's feet, Tranquility, NJ.

I've noticed anything goes at the moment in the nail polish department. Maria was wearing neon orange today, her sister Lizzy, a kind of pewter (Lizzy will shortly be American Vogue's editor at large, so pay heed). I've got a kind of metallic gold/slightly green varnish on my toes, and most of my fingers, but my pinkie is a bright blue - from H&M last spring - so I might go in that direction. Actually, I tried the blue with the gold as a French Manicure tip.

What colours are your toenails today?


ediot said...

they are light green, but i always prefer bright pink.in a strange way it just makes me happier..

mtg said...

ha-ha-ha, yes anything goes in the nail department. Love what you mentioned about blue and gold tips.
Newspaper print nails been on my mind lately. Thinking of DIY-ing my nail using some old strips of paper from the old country, so you know I'd have Georgian letters on my fingers. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about???


style odyssey said...

such a pretty pink hue. i'm seeing a lot of neon pinks and oranges this summer, which looks really fresh with a tan.

i'm wearing chanel's "steel" on my toes...it's a deep charcoal grey w/ a hint of silver sheen. almost black. it's become my signature color, actually.

i'd like to see what you did w/ the gold and blue combo, Jill. sounds fun.


Pearl Westwood said...

You should see the colours I have on Jill, a grey with gold/silver sparkles and a greeny/gold like a beetle - only one nail in each as I couldnt decide which to go for!

Anonymous said...

My left hand nails are painted grey (which came free with September Elle) but I was in a rush and so didn't paint my right hand as I'm right handed and I can't paint neatly with my left! I saw some incredible 'Nebula Nails' over on Cheap Thrills' blog - it was like the Christopher Kane Resort 11 collection in the form of nail varnish!

jill said...

I couldn't decide either - that's why I was asking! It's funny re: grey (Stephanie/Odyssey & Pearl) - that's what LIzzy had on, and it looked so great with a tan. Maya I do know what you're talking about: I love Georgian and Russian letters, such gorgeous shapes.

And yes, Ediot: hot pink just makes me smile every time. I've been wearing hot pink on one hand and orange on another every summer since.. oh probably since you were in diapers! This is my first summer not going orange/pink, it's probably time to bring out that old favourite.

Just had a thought.. anyone reading this, please email me your nail jpgs.. might make a nice collage! jill@haybooks.com thanks xx

jill said...

Okay Alexandra that's REALLY weird: was just talking about you on StyleEast's post - and wrote that about grey just as you were writing this comment - it came in just as I hit send. Spooky!!

adrielleroyale said...

Mine are Turquoise and Baby Blue (every other). You know what's even funnier? My finger nails are "Bouquet Pink" :) I'm all kinds of multi-colored1

Emily said...

My toes are dark blue and my finger nails are navy! I love the navy as it looks black but isn't quite so gothic!!

Have been wearing Chanel's Mimosa on my toes a lot this summer - like sunshine on a rainy day!! :)


Hailey said...

Wow, I thought I was the only one wearing such bright nail colors! :D
Well, actually, I knew of course that there are other people but I don't see them very often.

Mine have french manicure today, but maybe next time they'll be a bright color again :)