keeping calm and carrying on

An image from the beach in East Hampton with my friend, Sherri, just a few weeks ago. We're off for the day to the English coastline (Brighton, very different) and just sending this post off - once again, not on fashion (I don't know who this girl is - it feels like a self portrait of me, years ago) but just sending a kind of prayer for the safety of everyone on the Eastern coast of the USA.

My husband feels it's nothing to worry about. His logic being 'they always make a fuss and it's always nothing.' I quoted to him what my dad used to say:

If you can keep your head when those about you are losing theirs, you don't understand the situation.


style odyssey said...

As a seasoned hurricane veteran (land and sea), I'm of the same mind here as Mr. Dot.
However, there is great potential for widespread damage with this one. At least people are prepared, or so it appears.
Pretty photo, Jill.
And with that, I must dash...Got the house and studio to myself today, and deadlines looming!
Happy weekend, my friend. xoxo

Lauren said...

Beautiful picture - so serene. No doubt there will be a lot of property damage from Irene, but hopefully no lives lost.

I love your dad's saying!

The Styleseer

Anonymous said...

This is lovely Jill - I find myself that I can think clearly when walking along the beach with tiny waves lapping at my feet. Hope you have a lovely day in Brighton + I hope the weather stays nice for you!

I hope that the East Coast is ok - this hurricane seemed to come out of nowhere and straight onto the national news. Your dad's saying is amusing but I can see the truth in it!

Alexandra xx

Fashion Limbo said...

Love your dad's saying. Stunning picture, so beautiful and serene xx

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