seven swans a swimming

It is totally surreal to be here in paradise, in Florida, during the lead up to Christmas. I keep forgetting and thinking it's summer. I had done this before I realised, it's actually seven swans a swimming! Okay, flying, same thing. Swimming feels like flying, in liquid sky.

Now I'm trying to think of other things to do with the song... which swims through my head, while I do. As before, images by me, of The Foolish Aesthete: a creative collaboration with my virtual friend. It's like Paris in the Thirties, artists inspiring each other.

Hope you're having fun, wherever you are, and not letting all the pre Christmas craziness get under your skin.


The Foolish Aesthete said...

Ha ha, I didn't even count them. Seven swans is perfect! I just had a Christmas party with that art non-profit org I mentioned, and we made a little ditty on the 12 Days of Christmas, substituting inside jokes on great art (like "Three French Hen-ris") and holding up prints of the art work. Corny but fun with lots of champagne!

I would have loved to live in Paris in the '30s. Speaking of which, did you know the founder of Shakespeare & Co bookstore in Paris just passed away? I've never been to the bookstore but know of its tradition as a gathering place for authors, poets, intellectuals throughout most of the 20th century. xxx J

O D Y S S E Y said...

for a very brief moment, i thought these really were swans! how clever and creative you are, Jill.
glad you are enjoying your holiday. love the way you describe swimming- "like flying in a liquid sky".
we are in alabama now and enjoying this cold weather, family, friends, holiday cheer. xo

the nyanzi report said...

this is insane!!! i absolutely love it.

merry christmas Jill.

wholesale artful dodger said...

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shabnam said...

I am not sure what is this for??? An Art, photo manipulation or just a nice photography! I just think- it is beautiful!!