it's all a blur

I love the randomness of chance - the serendipity.

Was thinking a lot lately about photography, and art, and the idea that still photography captures a moment in time. It's like, just as photography changed and influenced painting, but didn't replace it, so does film and video affect still photography. Or if it doesn't, it should. So I went into my magic box of photos to try to find the shots of Pearl (Fashion Pearls of Wisdom - link on my blog roll, I'm too much in a rush to link it here, Lazy Cow that I am!) jumping in the air.

And instead, I stumbled on these, from last September's fashion week. I'm not sure which show this is - I can find out for you later, but it doesn't matter. What I'm interested in is the idea of motion, in still photography. I remember my friend BK and I, back in NY, when we both worked at Push Pin Studios, used to do these deliberate blur shots, at night: I was his Muse. I really wish he could find those photos!

So Pearl, you dodged the bullet, this time. But I promise, I WILL post shots shots! Poetry, in motion, with a hot pink Chanel feather boa.


Unknown said...

These are really great, they would look amazing blown up huge on a wall!!


Emily said...

It's Jaeger London - when we were waving to each other across the catwalk before the show!! I loved the show. Love photos like this too - I had a few that I took and thought it sort of summed up how I was feeling about LFW after it was over - it had been wonderful but sort of a blur!!


jill said...

I THOUGHT it was Jaeger, Emily! And I think I've saved that text when we were waving across the aisle but I couldn't see you ; )

Thank you, Danielle! In the past I've gotten flak for posting blurry shots, so I'm grateful that you get it.

O D Y S S E Y said...

these are great! blurred just so. i mean, we can still work out what they are. the horizontal stripes enhance the idea of movement...going forward.
have a lovely weekend, my friend. we will surely catch up soon!

ediot said...

i like the striped skirt and how it blends into the blurry in these shots.
hope you have a great weekend darling

lorenabr said...

Love the images! :)

Julia said...

Such photos always make me feel like I'm having something in my eyes or like it's dizziness or something like that, but that's the reason why I love them, they evoke mixed-up emotions.

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