something blue

I never cared about the dress.

I never cared about walking down the isle, or the ring.. I wonder if there was every a time, as a young girl, where I dreamed of my wedding day.. nope, not really. My friends and I played Barbie dolls, of course, and had our Kens, and the Kens were the Beatles, and we'd choose which Beatles we'd marry, but we were just as happy to be their girlfriends. If my sister wanted to play, she'd usually get Ringo, even tho she really wanted George.

When I did finally get married - not that I was a lonely spinster til then, mind you - it was a quick affair in the Palm Beach registry, and I wore a nice light navy and white flower print shift, from Barney's, because it rolled up small in my bag, and we were flying off to London shortly after, and wanted to see my parents first.

And now, whenever I have something special - or something I'm a bit nervous about - when I fly, for example, I check my person. Am I wearing something old? Check? New? Check. Borrowed? Usually: I figure either a gift, or something thrifted, or a hand me down, constitutes borrowed, as well as old. And blue? Almost always.

I just love the colour blue. Especially pale blue. The colour of our childhood car, Max - the star of my first children's story. The colour of sky.

Shot at the V&A, as before. Blue skies out in London town today! Off to the outdoor pool, in Surrey, with the man I married.

Hope every one of you reading this is living happily ever after. 


O D Y S S E Y said...

So you got married in blue. Of course! That makes sense, given your affection for the color.
Pretty photos, J.
I got married in an over-the-top 80s Princess Diana inspired number in the color "candlelight" (off white). Designed by me. Cut and sewn by my friend's mom, her wedding gift to me (I agreed to do all the embellishments, as it proved to be painstaking work, hours and hours...Battenberg lace, pearls, sequins.) It was one hell of a dress, very pretty...for the 80s. Yikes.

jill said...

Wow. Do you still have it? Did it survive the tropical conditions in the BVI?

O D Y S S E Y said...

Such a sweet comment you left on my blog!
My reply:
The dress has been at my mother's for the entire time (I never had it in the BVI).
Yes, in the BVI we had slatted closet doors for airflow.
Miss you too! xo

Rosalind said...

I do so enjoy your short recollections of particular moments or life events. Your words work like a sequence of snapshots.

The Foolish Aesthete said...

I love how you use the old/new/borrowed/blue outside of the wedding context!

Your wedding experience was similar to mine. We planned our courthouse wedding in just 2 weeks, partly because the moon would be full on that date. That date was also Halloween so we thought it would be cool to have the world in costume. But also, my parents were retiring from Washington DC and leaving the country the following day. So, I had no frou frou dress (didn't want one), just some long, white shift off the rack from the Saks Fifth gown dept. And I got a RED cocktail dress to change into for the reception from one of the Madison Ave. boutiques I normally got my suits from. I suppose I should have stopped to think of the negative symbolism of getting married in red! In between the courthouse and the reception, we treated our (mostly out-of-town) guests at our apartment with NY pizza! Hardly wedding fare. But we had a blast at our small dinner reception in the Rainbow Room, pretending we were Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Ah, thanks for bringing back happy memories, Jill! And I really wish I could see this V&A exhibit. -- J xxxx

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Polka Dot,
Hows Everything!
Its Been Quite a While Since I've Looked At Your Blog!
Loving It As Always, Hope
Everything Is Well. Loving The Delightful Tint Light Blue Dress!

(I'v Also Updated My Blog And Improved It)
Hope You Like It,
Brightred Chapstick

Rule of Fashion said...

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Pearl Westwood said...

You know I couldn't have imagined you married in white, blue yes perfect for you sea blue I always think of as you colour, I really want to get to the V&A xx