the weight of water

Another juxtaposition, this one in Gloucestershire.

I must be living in England too long, because I'm starting to really like this weather. It's so cosy. And I'm loving wearing big old classic Burberry trenches over pastel jumpers and boots and occasional flashes of neon.  And drinking gallons of PG Tips.

Took these photos at my friend's house in the countryside a few weeks ago. Off to the V&A this morning to see a special talk and preview of the gowns, then Richmond Park to see the fabulous Prince Phillip and his wife, the Queen. Maybe.

My friend's daughter's school is doing some kind of performance for them, but it's all rather mysterious. We only know little bits and pieces of information.
I can only assume it's for security reasons: this way, if they capture any of us, no matter how much they torture us, we can't give away the whole plan.


Alexandra Thérèse said...

Although complaining about the weather is our national sport, I do love the sound of the rain on my window on Saturday afternoons in winter when I'm working or pottering around my room - especially when I'm nice and cosy and can appreciate the purity of the rain without being subjected to it!

Thank you so much for your lovely long comment on my Topshop post Jill - I've had four exams so far and none of them have been disasters so fingers crossed! There's nothing like the relief of walking out of an exam and feeling the weight lift from your shoulders when you realise it's over! Haven't had the time, energy or mentality to write anything for my blog this week but just wanted to let you know that I'm still out here. Hope you had a wonderful time at the preview - I do love the V&A.

Alexandra xx


daisychain said...

These photos perfectly capture my mood right now xo

O D Y S S E Y said...

It's very English, the rainy spring weather - or so it's how I imagine England to be much of the time, especially spring. (It's probably not really that rainy but in my mind, it is..moody, damp, grey, almost haunting, oh I'd love it.)
How pretty your photographs are! The rain soaked tulip and, what's that a branch or metal post? Nature close-up and humbly beautiful.

My reply to your latest comment:
You mean my lavender hair? It was time for a change. Back to platinum. :)
Yes, it is really that humid. Here, always. *ugh*
Thunderbird Hotel would be a perfect setting for your novel. Seriously. I do hope, fingers crossed, you find the right publisher. Don't give up! He/she is out there, Jill.

Hugs to you across the pond, my dear friend! xoxo

Matthew Spade said...

agreed i do like the sound of the rain on the window but i think you're more english than i am. i'm sick of it, i can drive but i can't afford a car so i walk a lot. i set off and it's cold (wool jacket), by lunch it's too warm (sweating most likely).

jill said...

Mat it's funny you said that: I thought it was just me, but my friend Margaret mentioned that, too: it is the weirdest sensation, when the sun does come out, it's like we go from January to July INSTANTLY. I almost think I have a fever, and then hey, presto, it's a hailstorm (literally: just as I was about to find the Queen in Richmond Park).

I wasn't sick of it yet when I did the post, but 24 hrs later - yeah, I'm done. Bring on summer, please.

Odyssey: BLESS YOUR COTTON SOCKS! ; ) and yes, I meant lavender, not pink. Shame on me, what was I thinking! Of all people to get it wrong about colour. Hugs across the pond to you, too, sweet pea.

Daisychain: thank you. Thinking of you.

And Alexandra Therese, honoured to hear from you - and yes fingers' crossed - and you absolutely deserve a break from all things online. Rest on your well deserved laurels! ; )


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