suite for piano and flute

While working on my art - my collages of pixies and fairies, inspired by the most magical visit to my friend Pia's house in the wet English spring countryside - I had a memory of an album I loved, in my college days. It was Jean-Pierre Rampal & Claude Bolling: Suite for Piano and Flute. I remembered the cover so vividly: the most perfect fine san serif typeface, and a painting of a piano and flute in bed, the flute smoking a cigarette.. someone has posted the most classy video on youtube: just the original cover, and the record playing, in real time.

A gift from an unknown being, somewhere else in the world - which I pass on to you.

Photos by me, of Estelle and Georgie shot in Regent's Park, and landscape in Green Cay, Florida. Swan is Jenny, the Foolish Aesthete.


London Fashion Review Blog - Gems said...

I love those images, they are so magical.

Gems x

London Fashion Review Blog

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Oh my god, I absolutely love this Rampal and Bolling piece and listened to it so many times all those years ago. I had a good friend who was a flutist and Rampal fanatic. We would catch Rampal over at the Kennedy Center whenever he happened to have a concert (my family lived in the DC metro area at the time). This is such a trip down memory lane for me. Thank you for posting it!!!

And these pixie/fairie/swan photos are divine. Is this your friend, the film maker, Pia's woods? Love the imagery. I was actually thinking of my swan studio pics again just today because our director has been asking me to dance "Dying Swan" for our show again. It's kind of on our main repertoire as a crowd pleaser to squeeze in between acts, but I feel like I need to get back in shape to fit into the tutu! I may pass you another image and you can play with it again.

So glad I caught this post!

- Jenny xxx

jill said...

So glad, too, Jenny! I bet you'll fit into that tutu just fine. Thought I left a long comment here - friends are saying they're having trouble commenting - but sent you an email, too. xox

Amy said...

I love the picture with the 'fairies' it's soo wonderful and cute, and really playful! Looks like fun!



Alicia and Victoria said...

these photos are so stunning, Im jealous, great, great work !!