get well wishes for the duke

I recently read that, during their early courtship, the favourite song of the young Princess Elizabeth was People Will Say We're in Love, from Oklahoma. This was, of course, before the public knew of her romance with Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten: a man for whom the word dashing seems invented for. A film that has vivid early memories for me. So the theme song for this post - more shots from the Jubilee Flotila on Sunday, is the following:

I love the image of a young princess, listening to this song in her bedroom, on a Victrola. Wanting to shout to the world that she has found her Prince Charming. But she can't: not yet. Not until other people decide if he will be suitable, the right choice. But One's heart, even the heart of a future Queen who will put duty to her nation above herself, can't always be that pragmatic. And - as tall and attractive as he is at 90, when I see the images of him in those early years, I can see why. Even my own heart skips a beat or two.

When the rain was pouring down, and the Royal Couple were with their family on the Thames Sunday, I must admit, I was worried for Prince Philip's health. Not the Queen's: even at 86, she strikes me as the sort of person who could stand for a month in a Turkish prison, without batting an eye. But last night, watching her face the end of the concert at Buckingham Palace on TV (and hearing the fireworks outside our window), I felt she was putting on a brave face, gracious and grateful for all the fuss, of course, but patiently waiting until she could be, once again, at her True Love's side.

Get well soon, Dear Duke of Edinburgh.


The Foolish Aesthete said...

Jill, you read the Queen's face exactly as I did. I noticed so much sadness in it during the church service, and I can only imagine it is because she would have rather been by Prince Philip's side than be honored by the world at that particular moment.

Thanks for posting Oklahoma! I must have seen this film (video) at least 50 times as a girl. Just love the scenes of Curly on his horse moseying along the corn fields (as high as a elephant's eye!), singing "Oh what a beautiful mornin'" and the beautiful fantasy of the surrey with the fringe on top.

Beautiful photos showing young (and old) love. You have a wonderful way of making us readers reminisce about and experience the important moments in life. -- J xxxx

Alexandra said...

Jill, did you watch the BBC footage of the lunch in Westminster Hall? Because as the Queen and the royal family were leaving the orchestra PLAYED People Will Say We're In Love!! Watch it back! I love the song too - I sang it for my grade 5 voice exam and went to see the show live in Manchester at The Palace Theatre and it was amazing. Joining in with your get well wishes for the Duke; it was heartening at the end of the concert when his name received the biggest cheer from the crowd. True British spirit.

Hope you're well + enjoyed the weekend! Alexandra xx

O D Y S S E Y said...

Oh, I didn't know the Prince was ill. :(
I caught the tail end of the celebrations yesterday morning from our hotel. It all looked so magical.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Odyssey, Foolish (uncanny - but not surprised - that you thought the same thing) and Alexandra, I hadn't seen footage of the lunch, and now I'm trying to google it but I can't find any footage of them leaving, just arriving (with some very lovely Medieval type music).

I'd have loved to have heard you sing it for your grade 5 exam: how'd you do? ; )

(oh btw it's me - Jill - just forgot to sign in)

Anne Meyer said...

That was a very lovely post. I'm surprised how the royal couple used to sing that song. :)
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Fashionistable said...

My husband and I also have a song we relate to, so it is lovely to hear that the Queen and the Prince have one that is theirs too. It was amazing to see them both stand for so long and not use their chairs. I was exhausted by the time I got home and am only a fraction of their age. Nice shots again Jill. Xxxx