the view from here

So much to catch up on: lovely friends and family visiting, coming and going, and the sun is finally starting to come out here in London: getting dressed this spring is a total washout. I have lost any sense of knowing what my style is, and all those dreams of overscale lace shorts and neon versus pastels.. HA! We're all just covering ourselves for survival in dreary drabby greys and hooded winter coats and raingear and things.

More shots from the Jubilee: because I never could actually SEE the flotilla - even when the crowd thinned out at one point and I was three or four back, I was still only able to follow the proceedings via the wonderful big screens - but I've got an ongoing series for you on the creative ways that people found to get their shots. Mostly employing their own kids as human tripods.

And then I noticed this sweet little child: totally oblivious to the festivities, but intently focused on something no less fascinating, I'm sure.


Ana Frost said...

Amazing shots dear Jill! Evidently u catch the right moment and atmosphere of the Jubilee celebration :-) I never asked u before, but besides be a blogger, are u also a professional photographer? xxx

Lauren@Styleseer said...

Wonderful shots, Jill. I love the one of the guy in the tree!

Stephanie Clayton said...

I can feel the excitement (and chill) in the air from your Jubilee photographs.
Sorry have been out of touch, busy w/ life, family, work...all good, though! Hope same for you. xo

Veshoevius said...

I fled the jubilee as you know but really enjoying your photos of it! Like the one of the guy in the tree!

adrielleroyale said...

These are all so great, I love the kids, they are so adorable - but the adults are so fun too! lol :)