hatwalk: patriotic colours

As before. From yesterday. Hatwalk.  Absolutely brilliant concept, which allegedly Boris himself cooked up (I love that man! I was trying to think of a NY mayor that's anywhere near him - Mayor Lindsey had class, and was cute, but he didn't have Boris's humour and overall cuddliness) and the thing about Hatwalk that makes it so special is - like butterflies - its brief life span: it's only out on the streets til this Friday.

I'm going to see and shoot as many as I can. Although showing you the impact of what the hat on Nelson's head looks like - on top of that column - isn't easy. I can't imagine how they got it up there, at night. To surprise us in the morning.

And the best thing about it is, you don't have to buy tickets. The buzz around town is simply amazing, and I've been spending half the morning trying to navigate the London Olympic website.  Suddenly we, and everyone I know, want to go to the Olympics. And those that are at work, are watching it on the BBC site (one friend - who works in the government - said everyone's got it on their screens. So who's running the country??)

What I'm wondering is: where were we for the past eight years? Where we were when being so cool, too cool to apply for thousands of pounds of tickets? While all round the world, everyone was planning to come here, and we were planning to get out of town? Kicking self as we speak. While pinching self that we don't happen to go on holiday til the 7th.

More info on  Grazia (Hatwalk) or the Mayor of London site for the map. Easy peasy, and no queuing. But it's only out til Friday, so don't dilly dally!


Sharlxo said...

the woman is so fun! love all your work :) xxx

jill said...

Aw, thanks Sharlxo! ; )