head of culture

Stephen Jones was quoted in Grazia, while talking about hats, that Kate (I mean Middleton, not Moss, I mean the Princess - I can't call her Katherine yet, sorry!) tends to wear small hats to show off her gorgeous hair. But I don't know if she's quite got the whimsical scale down the way Justine Simons, shown here, has pulled off. I love this look: a teeny tiny men's bowler on one very pretty head.

Justine's title is Head of Culture for the Mayor of London. Now THAT's a great job. She's a delight, lovely girl. Amanda, you're next! Just giving you a Head's Up.

Still so buzzed about the Olympics: thinking of trying to get into the park today (the ticket thing is such a confusing mess), but first, bringing camera to continue more of my own little project: shooting as much of the Hatwalk series as I can find on the map. If you're in London and want to see it before Friday, go to  Grazia (Hatwalk) or the Mayor of London site for the map. Hope you're all having a lovely summer, wherever you are.


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love that little bowler hat! =)


Matthew Spade said...

dont you just love a big grin