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Even though I haven't gone for two seasons, last night I dreamt I was at Somerset House for London Fashion Week. Really bizarre dream: outlandish costumes, but no one was there to see them.

If you've been here before, you might have seen this shot before (by me, few seasons back) but I really like it - and I don't have a clue who the girl is, I've lost her name - and I just think she illustrates this song so well, which I LOVE, having just seen the documentary of the Stones in the South of France, filming Exile on Main Street, and I've been singing this song in my head all day. Great video, f****g genius, as someone said on the comments, and there was more I was going to do for this post, but my husband wants to watch Homeland On Demand, and when hubby demands.. what can I say, he's the boss.

But if you have a minute - really, you must play this! The editing is brilliant.

Really into black leather biker jackets at the moment - they're perfect for this time of year - and especially because I'm all smitten with a brand called Muubaa. I've just discovered them, but then again I'm slow - my friend Sophia's had hers for a few years now, and she loves it. I wonder if this girl's is Muubaa - I really should have asked her name. I just want everything in their fall line. If anyone can ID either the girl, or the jacket, please let me know.


Odyssey Home said...

I've been smitten with black leather biker jackets myself. I'm just wondering if I can justify buying one when the climate here is so...tropical.
I am fascinated by this model's makeup. It's really well done. Wonder which show it was for..

Icon Models said...

Love the Hair!

Icon Models