the homes of the brave

I didn't do this photo - I wish I did - and while it's gone viral, I can't quite figure out who to credit for it. But all day and night and now, day again, I'm steeped in that image of a BBC reporter pointing to the mist in the sea and saying 'The Statue of Liberty is disappearing.'

But she didn't. She's still standing. And talking on the phone with my friends, in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, Long Island.. the courage masked as humour.. and I keep playing this song in my head.

It has renewed meaning to me this morning: in the dawn's early light.

When I think of Katrina, the tsunamis that came without warning.. to think that this time, with such short notice, thanks to the calm authoritative voice of our President, and - by his example - Mayor Bloomberg, the governors of each state - all our elected leaders urging people to be responsible for themselves and also considerate of the 'first rescurers' safety, should they put themselves in harms way.. this is a disaster of biblical proportions, and yet the loss to human life is appearing small in proportion to other disasters. I can't think of a better example in the argument of Government vs The People, that it is the cooperation between the two, that matters most.

There's still a rough road ahead - and we will pitch in and help in any way we know how - but for now, I offer my thanks, at the courage, the dignity and grace, that I saw in my friends, and in people I don't know. People who have inspired me, if and when my time comes, to weather the next storm.


Counter-strike said...

:D very good photoshop :)

Unknown said...

Great what you can do with a photo! :)


daisychain said...

Can I just take this chance to say once again, you are amazing x

jill said...

Thank you, Daisy Chain! So are you ; ) x

LeahB said...

Feeling tired from a sleepless night spent sitting on the couch in the dark, afraid of tree impalement, but otherwise fine. Worst part for me was not having tv and internet connection, thus not be able to see what was happening. Odd to be unable to see pictures of the effects of a storm one has just experienced... to feel cut off from information about a situation one is a part of while knowing the rest of the world, though far away, is somehow more abreast of the situation.

And how are YOU doing Jill? It's no walk in the park either to be so far away from loved ones during such a crisis (especially parents). You certainly suffered the turmoil as much as the rest of us, and in some ways more so because of distance.

Odyssey Home said...

Jill, I was wondering how your mom, friends, family are doing? Were they in the path of the storm? I know from experience how difficult it is being away from loved ones during a crisis. xo S.

jill said...

Thank you - thank you so much, S, and Leah - everyone is FINE. Everyone is wonderful. My mom's down in Florida for this one (she was up at the beach house last year, Isaac was earlier) but my many many friends - we have so many friends in NYC itself (including some British/intl ones who - unrelated to each other - just happened to be in NY at the time) - friends on Long Island, Connecticutt, New Jersey.. everyone is alive and well and mostly without power and it seems the biggest casualty so far are beloved trees.

LIke they were sacrificed to the Gods.

We still don't know about the beach house.. fingers crossed.. but everyone is so grateful to be alive. And I'm grateful to you both, for asking, and thinking of me. Hope you're well, too. xo JC

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Jill, I hope your family and friends are all ok. I've been keeping tabs on friends and family in the East Coast for the past few days too. Fortunately, everyone is fine. Some are without power. Others were completely spared -- like those in the Upper East Side where it's as if nothing happened. Go figure.

I did see that humorous Lady Liberty a la Marilyn on the web. What I just love is the human spirit and our ability to laugh as we plod along and rebuild. I guess it's what separates us from the animals. -- J xxx

San said...

This picture is hilarious, whoever did it, has done an outstanding job.

Your thoughts mirror mine. Again.

I hope everyone of your family, friends and acquaintances is fine.

Enjoy your weekend.