blanc: juxtaposition

Perhaps because I'm feeling pretty content these days, I'm going through another white phase. In what I wear, and in what I like to surround myself with.

But that's nothing new: I always go through stages of being really into white, especially as a strong contrast to black, with nude. And often, I'm realising, when summer ends, and dark wintry days start kicking in: white feels so fresh. I've rediscovered a great thick white cable cropped turtleneck with extra long, belled sleeves, which I'm pairing with everything: today it was tight, high waisted black riding trousers and my black Chelsea boots. Simple, clean, crisp. And (she feels compelled to say) this isn't a sponsored post, but I was recently gifted a bottle of white geranium & juniper BLANC moisturising hand cream, in a simple white dispenser, by The White Company. Which now resides on my (white) night table in our (mostly white) bedroom. And which I'm constantly applying, wafting off such delicious fresh floral scents it's actually giving my husband hay fever in November.

So while assembling a some white images for this post, I accidentally clicked on a shot I must have pulled offline: the second shot isn't by me. I think it's actually part of the series of Maison Martin Margiella for H&M. And the bag isn't even white. But I like the composition juxtaposition. And the coincidence, because the third shot IS by me, and it's also, coincidentally, MMM.

That's another thing about white: wearing white, being surrounded by white - especially with winter looming.. it's so calming, so meditative. In fact, I'm feeling so blissed out, as I type this, that I really do have absolutely nothing to say.

All photos by me, apart from the second one. From top: Rosalind, of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee, shot in Ludlow. Sandra's feet, (of 5 inch & up), in paper Maison Martin Margiella boots and shoes, Somerset House. Swan, Hyde Park, nature's own.


ODYSSEY said...

I like white. As you say, it's calming and meditative. Over all, people seem afraid of pristine white clothing and uncluttered white spaces.

Alexandra said...

Such a gorgeous selection of images Jill. The swan in particular is breath-taking - a true representation of the beauty of nature. I agree about white - I have some white tux trousers I wore all the time in August but now you've inspired me to wear them this winter (only with tights underneath as they are relatively thin!) The close-up of Roz is beautiful too. Hope you got my comment on your previous post! Alexandra xx

Lauren@Styleseer said...

Loving the tight head shot of Rosalind. Just gorgeous!

Veshoevius said...

Funny! I just lost an ebay auction for a beautiful white goat fur coat as I was feeling like having some winter white in my life! Ah well, I'll console myself over losing with your wonderful images instead.

Emily said...

What a lovely set of photos. And what amazing and expressive eyes Rosalind has!! White in winter is somehow beautiful and serene.

Love The White Company! Have their winter candle burning at home at the moment :)


mtg said...

Roz is so beautiful. In that hat she looks like a Russian princess.

I think all Virgos like white :)