Carry's daughter Sienna, in blue.

That great BBCFour show - the History of Art in Three Colours - is now up to White, which we have two days to see. Blue was great. Starting with James Fox talking to us from a gondola heading into Venice, carrying a large chunk of blue lapis from the one cave in Afghanistan - the one place, IN THE WORLD, where it exists, and explaining that it was how it would arrive in Venice, to be traded for gold. More precious than gold. And he went on to show us the most amazing works - a ceiling of lapis blue, with gold, that showed us mortals what Heaven looks like.

Blue is my favourite colour (with aqua, esp. pale aqua, a close second) - and I love, come to think of it, the hot pink/orange with a bit of tan or black or sandy hues -  tropical Spanish bullfighter stuff - which I'm heating up for, as I think about how I can pare down my packing for Miami/Palm Beach. Can't wait! Leaving Sunday. Then back in time for London Fashion Week.

Yes, friends, I'm getting back on that horse.

I'll be shooting for LookBible, but also doing some posts here. So best to sign up - it's easy, and you'll love it - it's only two months old but growing fast thru the London girls, going global, and it's a really sweet, non competitive, friendly community. Please let me know when you're in - I'm Jill A, user 1718, so this way I can follow you.

Sienna's also wearing a dress designed by her mum's friend. And I love her chunky jazz tap shoes. I have a similar pair - which I've saved since I was her age in this shot - about 14 - but I don't wear them because of the taps. I really should: this way they can hear me coming!


ODYSSEY said...

Pretty girl in blue..

Back on the horse for LFW - that's awesome, Jill! No one does FW street style like you. No one.

Happy packing! It's always nice to pack for a warm holiday because you don't need much. No bulk, no layers. Easy.

jill said...

Thanks, S!

I'm still hopeless at packing, even for warm weather. When we went sailing the first time, our friends said 'you don't need much, you'll live in swimsuits - just need a light coverup if there's too much sun.'

So I brought a ton of swimsuits, of course - but also have this vision of wafting around the catamaran in, you know, loungy stuff.. never wore any of it.

And I still need layers, for air conditioning and nights. I always pack too many jumpers: I can't decide which one or two I"ll wear the whole time.

And let's face it: after a while, even swimsuits and flip flops can start to add up, space and weight wise. If you pack enough of them, I mean.

Unknown said...

I think you should definitely wear the tap shoes! *rat tat tat tat* :) Beautiful pictures.

Michelle xo


Anonymous said...

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EmerJa said...

Perfect dress, you look beautiful!!


stargirl said...

This is gorgeous! I especially love the the frilly shoulders of the dress! Looks so chic and I would never have guessed the girl was 14! Looks much older because the dress is such a classic! Also such a lovely colour!


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

loving your all blue look! super adorable and those tights are so cute :)

Unknown said...

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