It's funny to think, at the time I took these shots - September 2010 I think - I had named the shots 'Poppy's friend' because she was clowning around with what turned out to be her sister, Poppy Delevingne. The third blonde with them - who I assumed was another friend, then later, possibly sister - was probably her mum.

Cara - as everyone is now calling her - liked my shots so much she used them on her private facebook page. And we're still friends. Even though she goes by another name there. Which I can't tell you, being, of course, private.

She's a delightful girl, with that innate effortless style that Kate Moss had at her age, and it's been fun to watch her grow in such a short amount of time. Although two years,  in model years, is probably longer than dog years. She's still really goofy and girlish in real life, but she can do grown up - as shown here in a Burberry campaign shot from 2011 - really well.

Is she this big outside London? It seems we're seeing her a lot here in England, where she's from. Thanks to Jennifer B. for posting this shot on LookBible. You've got a great eye: I want to re-post everything you've put up.


daisychain said...

Oh Jill,

how many stories you must have to tell.

You are amazing.


ediot said...

oh cara. she has the most unique look.i remember how she caught my eye when she was modelling for asos. she made everything look so good.
hope youre well Jill. miss you. but im way too occupied to be blogging or going to london anytime soon, but when i do i will give you heads up.
hope youre well!

morganvsmorgan said...

She is beautiful, in a very innocent childlike way. Sort of reminds me of a little sprite :P I am obsessed with the shoes she's wearing there, too.

jill said...

Yes, morganvsmorgan (great name btw!) very much like a sprite! I wish I could have filmed the little sequence - it was so cute! I was shooting someone else and we were next to each other and she was basically mugging for her sister and I'm guessing now her mum.. I think I'm going to do a second post on it, in fact. Why not.

And Ediot - Daisy - two of my favourite people! You're BOTH amazing. I miss you too, G, and even stranger: I was JUST thinking about you! Don't worry, I'm too busy to be blogging much either - hence the past year so little posts. And you're not even reading this I bet! Will email you or something.

I often think I should take down the comments setting - I get so much fewer than I used to these days, and I understand, because most of the people I met - virtually or in real life - back in 2009, are now too busy to blog. And the ones that are still full on die hard fashion bloggers.. what can I say. I tip my non-designer hat to them, but I couldn't do it!

Unknown said...

Cara is just toooo adorable. I think she has the cutest nose. The last pic you've posted with the red lips is pure beauty. So pleased that the catwalks the world over are celebrating a British beauty.

Erika @ thislittlepretty.blogspot.com xx

Unknown said...

Wonderful! She seems so fun, thanks for visiting me on lookBible, glad I found this blog its amazing!


Fabiana Zalazar said...

Why can't we all be like Cara? She is perfect!! I cannot believe you had the amazing opportunity to meet her. She is my favorite model ever! and Im pretty sure she is well known everywhere now! not just in England. I mean, I live in Ghana, and everyone knows her here. I love your blog by the way, and I just followed it :)