schoolgirl chic, tilly style

Ran into my friend Claire on the street with her & Ian's daughter, Tilly. Love Tilly's outfit. 

I've been seeing a lot of black tights & white sneakers (plimsoles) recently - anyone know where that started? - but I think it works a lot better on Tilly, with the white socks/cropped black tights under cut-off jeans. And the black cardigan over the bib-style pleat shirt. Offset, of course, with the red school bag - and she's not being ironic. Form, for once, is actually following function. Oh and by the way, I've got the same pair of cream coloured Converse sneakers. 

I might just tear a leaf from Tilly's book. 


Anonymous said...

What a cool looking kid. I wish i looked like that when I was that age. love the curve of the wall next to her as well.

Anonymous said...

awesome outfit. she looks really cool.