model behaviour: streetstyle glamour

Mr. Dot & I were in Shoreditch on a cool Sunday morning when we saw Amanda Swan, a glamour model, freezing her toes off on a quiet side street. Lee Barker, a photographer, was shooting her for her portfolio. You couldn't have met a nicer or more friendly artist and muse: absolutely lovely people. She had to sit to write her contact details because her feet were killing her. What we won't do for our art!


Anonymous said...

That's a fun shot! surprised this is allowed in London...you do make the rounds Jill!

jill said...

Anything is allowed in London. They can even curse on TV. The American celebs doing the talk show rounds always try to be careful and correct themselves, and the hosts say, no, it's okay, so they finally end up being all 'f*** it'.
You must come visit! See your humidor : )

Anonymous said...

Great shots! I'm clearly on the wrong streets.

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