that blue reiss skirt

Rarely does an item of clothing make me hysterical, but I found myself running down the King's Road chasing Sam to find out where she got that fabulous blue skirt (Reiss). She's got it just right for a cooler day, but this skirt will be great through the summer. 

I hesitate to identify the source because it's selling faster than hot cakes, and I want one! It comes in three colours: this perfect periwinkle, a creamy white, and watermelon. Yum.

p.s. I've discovered that Rachel, on her blog (see Little Miss Rachel under 'nice things') has also fallen in love with this skirt. Rachel, if you're reading this - it's at Reiss! I've put their website up under nice things, too. But please don't buy the last one!


Anonymous said...

Lovely skirt. How much?

jill said...

I think £79. Not outrageous @ all!

Anonymous said...

Looks good on her, perhaps not on me

Emo Girl said...

Gorgeous, I love the ruffles! Great hue too!