carine, carine

I was doing something else entirely when I happened notice that Cleide Carina, from Sketchbook, tweeted something about being upset with Grazia. I messaged her asking if she was okay. She sent back 'Carine Roitfeld has left Paris Vogue.' Turns out she was just joking about Grazia not breaking the news fast enough.

The thing is, my family name is Carin and I always wanted to be Italian so I used to tell people it was Carina. And there's something about the fact that Carine spells her name so close to mine that always made me feel like, you know, we'd be friends. And then I sat in her front row seat at fashion week when she came in late.. and became friendly with her daughter Julia.. and I've papped her twice now.. I'm just kind of in shock, I guess. Vogue says she's leaving to do personal projects and whatever they are, Carine Carine, I hope they will be even more exciting and creatively fulfilling as your ten years at Vogue clearly have been.

It is an incredible thing, in an industry as tough as the fashion industry, by all accounts, seems to be, to find one person so universally loved and admired. I hope this is not the last we'll be seeing of her professionally, and I hope these shots that I took just a few weeks ago at her son Vladimir's art launch aren't the last chance I have to personally see her.

Carine: I wish you the very best, and know that whatever you do next, you will continue to do it with joy, exuberance, class, and above all, style.


Pearl Westwood said...

Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah well so long as she still stays in fashion, I do love her too!

Vanessa said...

Wow! Carine! Such beauty and style. x Vanessa

Style Odyssey said...

i just heard...i wish her the best, i really do. it seems she is universally liked and respected by those in the industry, which says a lot.
great post, Jill. even candid shots reveal her exuberance and unique beauty.


Gosh! I can't believe it. I'm finding it hard to imagine what the magazine will be like without her (it's my favourite Vogue by far).

Shini said...

Everyone moves on, Vogue Paris will find a new editor, life goes on.

I'm glad she's brave enough to be able to call her own shots and quit such a reputable position to do her own thing. There's a lot of politics behind Vogue, I wonder if she's taking an army out with her.